Non-Liouville integrability for a variant of the Nonholonomic Suslov problem

Giovedi' 2 settembre 2010 - Dr. Luis Garcia-Naranjo


Giovedi' 2 settembre 2010, ore 15:30, Aula 2AB40 il Dr. Luis Garcia-Naranjo (EPFL) terra' una conferenza dal titolo "Non-Liouville integrability for a variant of the Nonholonomic Suslov problem"

Nonholonomic mechanical systems are not Hamiltonian. They are Hamiltonian with respect to an "almost Poisson bracket" of functions that fails to satisfy the Jacobi identity. In this talk we will use this bracket to investigate some features of an integrable version of the nonholonomic Suslov problem that was originally studied by Okuneva. This system concerns the motion of a constrained rigid body moving in a potential and has the remarkable property that the flow takes place in 2 dimensional compact invariant manifolds whose genus may vary from zero to five. This contrasts with the usual Liouville notion of integrability where the generic invariant manifolds are tori.

Rif. int. F. Fasso`