Exactness of the reduction on etale modules

Venerdi 26 novembre 2010 - Gergely Zabradi


Gergely Zabradi (Budapest)
"Exactness of the reduction on etale modules"
Venerdi 26 novembre, 15:15 aula 1A150

We prove the exactness of the reduction map from etale (phi,Gamma)-modules over completed localized group rings of compact open subgroups of unipotent p-adic algebraic groups to usual etale (phi,Gamma)-modules over Fontaine's ring. This reduction map is a component of a functor from smooth p-power torsion representations of p-adic reductive groups (or more generally of Borel subgroups of these) to (phi,Gamma)-modules. Therefore this gives evidence for this functor - which is intended as some kind of p-adic Langlands correspondence for reductive groups - to be exact.

Rif. int. A. Bertapelle

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