DAGA Seminar: Grauert's theorem for open subanalytic sets in the real domain

Thursday, January 13, 2010 - T. Monteiro Fernandes


T. Monteiro Fernandes
"Grauert's theorem for open subanalytic sets in the real domain"
Thursday, January 13, 2010, h 14:00, room 1BC50

One of the greatest contributions of H. Grauert to complex analysis and geometry is the celebrated theorem which asserts that any open set in a real analytic manifold admits, in any of its complexifications, a fondamental system of Stein open neighborhoods. In particular, it is the trace of a Stein open set. In this talk we explain how to obtain the subanalytic version of this theorem using a very deep result of Bierstone, Millman and Pawlucki which asserts that for any p, any closed subanalytic set is the zero set of a Cp function. We finish giving an example and applications. (joint work with Daniel Barlet).

Rif. int. A. Bertapelle

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