Random projections and dynamics for robot motion learning: From extreme learning machines to reservoir computing

Lunedi' 12 Settembre 2011 - Jochen Steil


Lunedi' 12 Settembre 2011, alle ore 12:00 in aula 1BC45, il Prof. Jochen Steil (Managing Director CoR-Lab, Bielefeld University, Germany) terra' un seminario dal titolo "Random projections and dynamics for robot motion learning: From extreme learning machines to reservoir computing".

Random feature generation for data processing is a recently popular approach to create fast learning schemes in various neural network architectures. Starting from a simple extreme learning machine (ELM), it will be shown how to use regularization and feedback to improve the feature generation for regression and classification tasks with static data. Adding feedback then leads to recurrent reservoir networks which are capable of learning also temporal data and a new approach for hidden state associative learning. I will demonstrate these methods for new motion learning applications (learning inverse kinematics, trajectory generation, sensorimotor transforms) including the representation of multiple redundant motor patterns in one network. Application examples will include the child-like iCub, the Honda humanoid robot, and a system for interactive programming of the compliant DLR-Kuka robot arm.

-Short bio
In 1993, Jochen Steil received the diploma in mathematics from the Bielefeld University, and joined the Neuroinformatics Group headed by Prof. H. Ritter. In 1995/96 Jochen Steil stayed one year at the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Russia, supported by a German Academic Exchange Foundation (DAAD) grant. In 1999, Jochen Steil received the PhD. Degree (Dr. rer. nat) with a Dissertation on "Input-Output Stability of Recurrent Neural Networks". In 2002, Jochen Steil was appointed tenured senior researcher (Akad. Rat) and in 2006 his habilitation was accepted by the Faculty of Technology and he was assigned the venia legendi in Neuroinformatics. From March-July 2006 Jochen Steil was on leave as principal scientist at the Honda Research Institute Europe, Offenbach. In 2008, Jochen Steil have been appointed apl. Professor for Neuroinformatics at the Faculty of Technology. Since April 2007, Jochen Steil have been managing director of the Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics, CoR-Lab and since Nov. 2007 a member of the scientific board of the center of excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC). Since 2010, Jochen Steil is coordinator of the FP7-EU project AMARSi - Adaptive Modular Architectures for Rich Motor Skills

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