Orthogonality and Lebesgue constants

Giovedi' 6 Ottobre 2011 - Annie Cuyt


Giovedi' 6 Ottobre 2011, in Aula 2BC30 alle ore 11:30, in occasione della visita di un gruppo di ricercatori del Department of Mathematics and Computer Science dell'Universita' di Anversa, la prof. Annie Cuyt (Research Director del FWO (Flemish Research Council)), nell'ambito dei Seminari Numlab di Analisi Numerica, terra' il seminario dal titolo "Orthogonality and Lebesgue constants".

It is well-known that polynomial interpolation need not converge even for equidistant interpolation points. Also the quality of the polynomial interpolant can be quite different, depending on the location of the interpolation points. This is measured by the Lebesgue constant. We summarize the basic facts from polynomial interpolation in one variable. Then we indicate how the problem, and the obtained results, are very similar when moving from polynomial to rational interpolation with prescribed poles, or to polynomial interpolation in more variables.
This is a joint research with Ali Ibrahimoglu and Irem Yaman.

Rif. int. M. Redivo Zaglia

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