PDE's in Real and Complex Spaces

Thursday 16 February 2012


"PDE's in Real and Complex Spaces"
Padua, February 16 2012
Aula Nievo - Palazzo del Bo

-Morning session
10:30 M.C. Shaw (University of Notre Dame) - The Cauchy-Riemann equations in complex manifolds and the duality between harmonic and Bergman spaces
11:30 P. Cordaro (University of San Paulo) - Analytic and Gevrey regularity for solutions of sums of squares operators
12:30 F. Ricci (SNS Pisa) - The Riemannian Hodge Laplacian on the Heisenberg group and harmonic analysis of di erential forms

-Afternoon session
15:00 E. Valdinoci (University of Milan) - (Non)local phase transitions and perimeters
16:00 G. Orlandi (University of Verona) - Varifold solutions of the relativistic strings equation

Rif. int. L. Baracco