Seminario dottorandi: Averaging and capture into resonance in low-dimensional dynamical systems

ARGOMENTI: Dottorato

Il 30 novembre 2006, in aula 1B/50, alle ore 14.30 il prof. Anatoly Neishtadt, Space Research Institute, Mosca Russia
terrà un seminario per i dottorandi dal titolo "Averaging and capture into resonance in low-dimensional dynamical systems" (2 ore accademiche)

Abstract: Small perturbations imposed on an integrable nonlinear multifrequency oscillatory system cause a slow evolution. According to the classical averaging method, for an approximate description of this evlution one should average the equations of motion over the phases of
fast oscillations of the unperturbed system. However, due to resonaces arising, during the evolution, between the frequencies of fast oscillations, the behavior of the system can differ in some essential way from the one predicted by the averaging method. The talk is devoted to an
introductory description of such phenomena.