Colloquia Patavina: Volumes, complexity, transcendence

Martedì 31 Marzo 2015, ore 16:30 - Aula 1A150 - Yves André



Martedì 31 Marzo 2015 alle ore 16:30 in aula 1A150, Yves André (ENS, Paris) terrà una conferenza della serie Colloquia Patavina dal titolo "Volumes, complexity, transcendence".

Many mathematical constants can be expressed as integrals of rational functions with rational coefficients, possibly multiplied by an exponential, over domains defined by polynomial inequalities with rational coefficients. In the absence of exponential, such numbers can be expressed as volumes of solids defined by polynomial inequalities with rational coefficients. We shall consider their arithmetic properties from the double viewpoint of complexity theory and of transcendental number theory. Ultimately, they are related to deep questions concerning motives in arithmetical geometry.

La Commissione Colloquia
F. Ancona, C. Bonotto, M. Conti, M. Longo

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