Seminario di Equazioni Differenziali e Applicazioni: On a L1-dissipative solver for traffic junctions

Martedì 1 Marzo 2016, ore 12:00 - Aula 2BC30 - Carlotta Donadello



Martedì 1 Marzo 2016 alle ore 12:00 in Aula 2BC30, Carlotta Donadello (Université de Franche-Comté) terrà un seminario dal titolo "On a L1-dissipative solver for traffic junctions".

In this talk we present well-posedness results for solutions obtained as vanishing viscosity limits for the Cauchy problem on a traffic junction where m incoming and n outgoing roads meet. We assume that the traffic on each road is governed by a scalar conservation law like in the classical LWR model. Our proof relies on the introduction of a family of Kruzhkov-type adapted entropies at the junction and a suitable definition of admissible solution. The key step in our construction consists in the description and analysis of the set of stationary solutions for the inviscid problem from the point of view developed by Andreianov, Karlsen, Risebro and Canc?s to deal with conservation laws with discontinuous flux. A short overview of their results will be given in the first part of the talk.
Work in collaboration with Boris Andreianov (Univ. de Tours) and Giuseppe M. Coclite (Univ. di Bari)

Rif. Int. M. Bardi, C. Marchi, L. Caravenna

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