Seminario di Informatica: “Finding the Needle in the Internet of Everythings Haystack”

Martedì 31 Maggio 2016, ore 13:00 - Sala Riunioni VII Piano - Ali Dehghantanha


Martedì 31 Maggio 2016 alle ore 13:00 in Sala Riunioni VII Piano, Ali Dehghantanha (University of Salford UK) terrà un seminario dal titolo “Finding the Needle in the Internet of Everythings Haystack”.

With the fast integration of smart things we are swiftly moving towards a pervasive, intelligent and integrated environment where smart sensors are collecting large amount of potentially private data. Internet of everything (IoT) would soon pervade all aspects of our life from managing our home temperature to thinking cars and smart management of the cities. So it won’t take long to see people suing others for misusing their smart things, thinking cars that have accident and attackers who compromised smart sensors. The Internet of everything is developing a haystack which contains lots of valuable forensics artefacts while identification, collection, preservation and reporting evidences would be a challenge in this environment.
This talk would discuss about tools, methods, and techniques to identify, collect and preserve IoT evidences and then elaborates on different challenges that forensics examiners would face in investigating of IoT environments.

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