Marketing decision models: dynamic optimization and game theory


We are pleased to inform you that the workshop "Marketing Decision Models: Dynamic Optimization and Game Theory" will take place in Padua, Italy, in September 10-11, 2007.

The conference is organised by the PRIN-2005 research units of Padua and Venice, coordinated by Bruno Viscolani.

The aim is to provide a forum among researchers interested in the application of optimization, games, statistics to marketing decision problems.

-Topics of interest are:
Deterministic optimal control
Static and dynamic games
Marketing modeling
Market segmentation
Stochastic optimal control
Nonlinear dynamical systems
Statistical methods

Theoretical contributions to one of these fields which are relevant to problems in marketing are especially welcome but also applied modelling will be covered.

Participants who wish to present a paper are asked to provide a one-page abstract before June 30.

Bruno Viscolani (University of Padua)
Elena Moretti (University of Venice)
Alessandra Buratto (University of Padua)
Andrea Ellero (University of Venice)
Daniela Favaretto (University of Venice)

Rif. int. A. Buratto

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