Seminari MALGA Padova Verona - Moduli Algebre Anelli

Lunedì 11 Novembre 2019, ore 15:00 - Aula Seminari 430 - Giovanna Le Gros + Fabiano Bonometti


Lunedì 11 Novembre 2019 in Aula Seminari 430, nell'ambito del Seminario Padova-Verona MALGA - Moduli Algebre Anelli Giovanna Le Gros e Fabiano Bonometti presenteranno i risultati della loro tesi di dottorato.

Ore 15:00 Giovanna Le Gros (Università di Padova) “Minimal approximations and 1-tilting cotorsion pairs over commutative rings”.
Minimal approximations of modules, or covers and envelopes of modules, were introduced as a tool to approximate modules by classes of modules which are more manageable. For a class $C$ of $R$-modules, the aim is to characterise the rings over which every module has a $C$-cover or $C$-envelope. Moreover $A$-precovers and $B$-preenvelopes are strongly related to the notion of a cotorsion pair $(A,B)$.
In this talk we are interested in the particular case that $(P_1,B)$ is the cotorsion pair generated by the modules of projective dimension at most one (denoted $P_1$) over commutative rings. More precisely, we investigate over which rings these cotorsion pairs admit covers or envelopes. Furthermore, we interested in Enochs' Conjecture in this setting, that is if $P_1$ is covering necessarily implies that it is closed under direct limits. The investigation of the cotorsion pair $(P_1,B)$ splits into two cases: when the cotorsion pair is of finite type and when it is not. In this talk I will outline some results for the case that the cotorsion pair is of finite type, where we consider more generally a 1-tilting cotorsion pair over a commutative ring.

Ore 16:30 Fabiano Bonometti (Università di Verona) “Gluing silting objects along recollements of well generated triangulated categories”.
We provide an explicit procedure to glue (not necessarily compact) silting objects along recollements of triangulated categories with coproducts having a ‘nice’ set of generators, namely, well generated triangulated categories. This procedure is compatible with gluing co-t-structures and it generalizes a result by Liu, Vitória and Yang. We provide conditions for our procedure to restrict to tilting objects and to silting and tilting modules. As applications, we retrieve the classification of silting modules over the Kronecker algebra and the classification of non-compact tilting sheaves over a weighted noncommutative regular projective curve of genus 0.