Workshop: “Geometric Measure Theory in Padova”

Thursday, Jan 16, 2020 - Friday, Jan 17, 2020


Geometric Measure Theory in Padova

Thursday, Jan 16, 2020 - Friday, Jan 17, 2020
University of Padova, Department of Mathematics

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts and young researchers in different sub-fields of Geometric Measure Theory, to discuss recent results and foster discussion.
Registration is free, but mandatory. Please register before January 10th, following the instructions on the webpage.
Talks start at 10:00 on Thursday January 16th and end at 12.30 on Friday January 17th.

Organizing Commitee: A. Julia, A. Marchese, S. Nicolussi-Golo, D. Vittone

Speakers: K. Fässler, J. Fraser, J. Hirsch, G. P. Leonardi, L. Lussardi, A. Merlo, T. Orponen, B. Velichkov, R. Züst