Three positions in Discrete Algebra and Geometry at Eindhoven

ARGOMENTI: International Area

This is to announce three positions in the group "Discrete Algebra and Geometry in Eindhoven, the Netherlands".

All three application deadlines are in January; see the following links.

1. A Ph.D. position for 4 years:

2. A Postdoc position for 2 years:

3. A position of Technical Assistant Interactive Mathematics Software for 1 year plus possibly 7 months:

Our permanent staff consists of Arjeh Cohen (chair), Aart Blokhuis, Andries Brouwer, Hans Cuypers, Jan Draisma, Hans Sterk, and Henny Wilbrink. Our research interests include Lie theory and related geometries, algorithms in algebra, combinatorics and discrete structures, and tropical geometry. We are also actively involved in the development of interactive mathematical documents.

Rif. int. G. Carnovale

Download Ph.D. position

Download Postdoc position

Download Position of Technical Assistant Interactive Mathematics Software