Singularly perturbed control systems: limit occupational measures sets and averaging


Lunedi' 10 marzo alle ore 12.15 in Aula 2BC/30 della Torre Archimede il professor Vladimir Gaitsgory (University South Australia) terra' un seminario dal titolo "Singularly perturbed control systems: limit occupational measures sets and averaging".

We will discuss an asymptotic approximation of the slow dynamics of a singularly perturbed control system (SPCS) by the solutions of the averaged system in which the controls are measure-valued functions taking values in the set of limit occupational measures defined by the "fast" dynamics. For an important special class of SPCS, we will show that problems of optimal control are reduced to infinite dimension linear programming problems and we will discuss an approach to a numerical olution of such problems. The presentation will be mostly focused on the deterministic case based on results obtained in [1], [2]). However, time permitting, we will also discuss some results about averaging of stochastic SPCS (obtained in [3], [4]).

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Rif. int. M. Bardi, A. Cesaroni