Colloquia Patavina: Multiphase flows: physical, mathematical and numerical issues


Martedi' 27 Maggio 2008 alle ore 16:00 in aula 1A/150 della Torre Archimede il Prof. Eleuterio Francisco Toro (Univ. Trento) terrà l'ultima conferenza della serie Colloquia Patavina per l'A.A. 2007/08 dal titolo "Multiphase flows: physical, mathematical and numerical issues".

La Commissione Colloquia
M. A. Garuti, M. Pavon, M. Pitteri, F. Rossi

Multiphase flows: physical, mathematical and numerical issues

Eleuterio Francisco Toro (Univ. Trento)

Martedi' 27 Maggio 2008, ore 16:00
Aula 1A/150, Torre Archimede

Natural phenomena and industrial processes often involve the dynamics of mixtures of different materials. Simplifying assumptions lead to mathematical models of the multi-fluid (or multi-field) type, which usually consist of systems on non-linear partial differential equations along with closure conditions that involve equations of state and sub-models for the interaction between the materials. Application areas of multi-fluid models include environmental problems
(e. g. sediment transport, avalanches, debris flow, landslides), industrial problems (e.g. nuclear reactor safety processes, internalvcombustion engines, propulsion systems, aerodynamics) and scientific problems (e.g. plasma, nuclear physics).
In the absence of dissipative processes the governing partial differential equations constitute a first-order system with, possibly,
stiff source terms. There are a number of mathematical issues that are
currently the subject of active research. We shall discuss two of these: well-posedness and non-conservative products.
Numerical approximation of these hyperbolic systems is also a challenging area of research. I shall discuss our current attempts to
construct numerical schemes of very high-order of accuracy for these
large systems with stiff source terms.
Finally, I shall illustrate the potential practical value of multiphase flow models via some applications to three areas: propulsion, nuclear reactor safety and environmental problems.

-Breve curriculum
Full professor of numerical analysis at the University of Trento, Italy.
* BSc honours in pure mathematics (1977);
* Master in functional analysis and differential equations (1978);
* PhD in computational mathematics (1982).
* OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire), UK, 2000.
* Fellow of the Society for Shock Wave Research, India, 2005.
* "EPSRC Senior Research Fellow", University of Cambridge, UK.
* Full professor of applied mathematics at the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
* Invited visiting professor at the Shock Wave Research Centre, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University, Japan.
* Senior Lecturer in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Cranfield University, UK.
* Invited visiting scientist at the Fraunhofer Institut fuer Kurzzeitdynamik, Ernst Mach Institute Freiburg, Germany.
* Lecturer in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Cranfield University, UK.
* Post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds, UK.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: numerical methods for partial differential
equations of the advection-reaction-diffusion type, with application
to environmental and industrial problems.

British Government (DERA, AWE, Health and Safety Laboratory); NASA
Ames; US Geological Survey; National Aerospace Laboratory, Japan; AC
Zentrum, Switzerland; Ernst Mach Institut (Germany) and institutions
in other countries, which include France, USA, The Netherlands, Spain,
Portugal, Norway, Japan and China.

OTHERS: External examiner of PhD theses in at least twenty universities in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Norway. Organizer of international conferences on numerical methods. Key-note speaker at international conferences. Author of two books on numerical methods for partial differential equations for researchers in the field. Editor of two books on numerical methods and applications. Author of numerous articles and other publications.

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