Algebraic Analysis and its Environs


Congress "Algebraic Analysis and its Environs"
Monday, 9 June 2008 - Torre Archimede - room 1BC/45

09:30 Stéphane Guillermou "Microlocalization for chains complexes"
11:00 Luisa Fiorot "On the Gauss-Manin connection"
12:00 Marco Hien "Periods for flat algebraic connections"
15:00 Behrang Noohi "Uniformization of Deligne-Mumford curves"
16:00 Damien Calaque "Tangent (co)homology, Duflo's isomorphism and Caldararu's conjecture"

Andrea D'Agnolo (Padova)
Stéphane Guillermou (Grenoble)
Pietro Polesello (Padova)
Pierre Schapira (Paris 6)

Rif. int. A. D'Agnolo

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