The Catalina Sky Survey: transitioning through NEO survey generations


"The Catalina Sky Survey: transitioning through NEO survey generations"
Andrea Boattini (The Univerisity of Arizona)
Martedi` 9 settembre 2008, ore 14:00
Aula 1AD/50 (Torre Archimede)

The Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) is a NASA funded program to discover and track asteroids and comets that can approach the Earth closely (Near Earth Objects, NEOs). The CSS has been operating 3 telescopes for the past three years while extending its sky coverage into the far southern hemisphere but also towards lower solar elongations. This effort led to the discovery of more than 1,500 NEOs (almost 70% of the current discovery rate) that allows to compare orbital characteristics, size distributions of NEOs discovered at different solar elongations by the CSS telescopes. Results from a sample of about 1,000 bodies (~400 Amors, ~500 Apollos and ~100 Atens) will be analyzed and discussed in view also of refining observing strategies for the next generation NEO surveys. More than 100 comets were discovered serendipitously during the survey.

Rif. int. M. Guzzo