Nonlinear Dynamics in Economic Modelling, Trento, Tutorial Workshop

ARGOMENTI: International Area

CIFREM, Interdepartmental Centre for Research Training in Economics and Management
Department of Economics - University of Trento
A CIFREM Tutorial Workshop
Nonlinear Dynamics in Economic Modelling
Celebrating the contributions of women to dynamical systems theory
12/13 March, 2009

Guest Lecturers
Professor Laura Gardini, University of Urbino
Professor Serena Sordi, University of Siena
Professor Anna Agliari, Catholic University of Piacenza
Professor Marisa Faggini, University of Salerno
Professor Iryna Sushko, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
Professor Gian-Italo Bischi, University of Urbino
CIFREM Members
Professor K. Vela Velupillai - Professor Stefano Zambelli

Further information and more details on the Workshop can be obtained from the Administrative Officer at CIFREM, Mrs Nicole Bertotti, at , and by visiting the CIFREM website.
Deadline for applying: February 20, 2009.

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