Vacancies in the School of Mathematics

ARGOMENTI: International Area

Four permanent positions have recently been advertised in the School of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh.

Three of these are related to OR and Optimization:
Sir Edmund Whittaker Chair of Mathematical Sciences, Ref No. 3010378TH
Deadline: 13th March
(area: any area of the mathematical sciences, including pure, applied,
statistics or operational research.)

Lectureship in Operational Research, Ref No. 3010379TH
Deadline: 7 March
(area: stochastic problems in operational research)

Lectureship in Computational Mathematics, Ref No. 3010381TH
Deadline: 16 March
(area: numerical analysis/computational optimization/scientific computing)

Ken McKinnon
Professor of Operational Research
School of Mathematics
Edinburgh University
+44 131 650 5042

Rif. int. G. Andreatta

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