Regularity for non-linear PDES

ARGOMENTI: International Area

The first announcement of the one month intensive research period: "Regularity for non-linear PDES".

It will take place at the DeGiorgi's center at Pisa, in September 2009. The event aims at collecting a number of experts working on
regularity; lectures and seminars will be delivered for the whole

The list of speakers includes:
E. Acerbi, L. Ambrosio, W. Arendt, K. Astala, L. Boccardo, G. Buttazzo, F. Crispo, F. DaLio, A. Figalli, M. Foss, N. Fusco, U. Gianazza, S. Hildebrandt, T. Iwaniec, T. Kilpelainen, H. Koch, E. Kuwert, J. Kristensen, E. Kuwert, P. Lindqvist, A. Malchiodi, J. Manfredi, P. Marcellini, C. Melcher, P. Pucci, T. Riviere, S. Salsa, C. Sbordone, R. Schaetzle, G. Seregin, L. Székelyhidi, N.Trudinger, J. Urbano, E. Valdinoci, J.L. Vazquez, J. Verdera, V. Vespri.

To register, please go to the event site and click on "Registration".
The event is funded by the ERC grant "Vectorial problems" and by the
DeGiorgi center.

Rif. F. Duzaar, J. Kinnunen, G. Mingione

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