Hopf Algebras

Martedi' 24 Maggio 2011 - Agustin Garcia Iglesias


Martedi 24 maggio 2011 alle ore 11.30 in aula 2BC30 il Dott. Agustin Garcia Iglesias, post-doc ERASMUS-MUNDUS EADIC II presso il nostro Dipartimento terra' una conferenza dal titolo "Hopf Algebras".

The concept of a Hopf algebra, in a slightly different version as we know it today, was introduced in the 50s and it got its final shape towards the late 60s. They became popular in the 80s, with the appearance of quantum groups and their relation with phenomena of algebraic groups in positive characteristic. Soon after that they spread over various fields of mathematics and mathematical physics, particularly because of their relation with tensor categories.
In this talk we will present the definition of Hopf algebras, together with several examples. After that, we will focus on the classification problem: we will comment on its current standing, the latest achievements and its perspectives.
Hopf algebras have been said to be algebras whose modules can be ten- sorized. In fact, the category of representations of a Hopf algebra is a basic and key example of a tensor category. We will discuss on this concept and present its connection with the classification of Hopf algebras.

Rif. int. G. Carnovale