Ciclo seminari "Applications of topology in combinatorics"

30-31 Maggio, 1 Giugno 2011 - John Shareshian


Il Professor John Shareshian (Washington University) terrà un ciclo di seminari dal titolo "Applications of topology in combinatorics".

During the last several decades, several difficult problems in combinatorics were solved using ideas from algebraic topology.
We will discuss as many results of this type as time permits. Two topics that we will cover are as follows.
1) The work of Kahn, Saks and Sturtevant in which Smith theory is applied to a conjecture of Karp on computational complexity.
2) The work of Lovàsz and others in which results like the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem are used to obtain lower bounds on the chromatic numbers of graphs.

Lunedi 30 maggio, 11:30 13:30, aula 2BC30
Martedì 31 maggio, 11:30 13:30, aula 2BC30
Mercoledì 1 giugno, 10:30 12:30, aula 2BC30

Rif. int. A. Lucchini