Colloquia Patavina: When is an abelian group free abelian?

Martedi' 7 Giugno 2011 - Laszlo Fuchs


Martedi' 7 Giugno 2011 alle ore 16:00 in aula 1A150 della Torre Archimede il Professor Laszlo Fuchs (Tulane University, New Orleans) terra' una conferenza della serie Colloquia Patavina.

La Commissione Colloquia
P. Ciatti, M.A. Garuti, M. Pavon, F. Rossi

When is an abelian group free abelian?

Laszlo Fuchs (Tulane University, New Orleans)

There are several important problems that ask whether some abelian group is free (as an abelian group). We will view several problems of this kind. Interestingly, some lead to undecidability results. The groups we will discuss include groups with discrete norm, as well as Baer and Whitehead groups. Recall that A is a Baer group if Ext(A, T)=0 for all torsion groups T, and is a Whitehead group if Ext(A, Z)=0 for the infinite cyclic group Z. A few applications as well as generalizations to modules will also be mentioned.

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Ph.D. 1947: Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary
Assistant, Docent, Professor: 1949--1966: Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary
Professor: 1966--1968: University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
Professor: 1968--2004: Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
1992-2004: Phillips Distinguished Chair of Mathematics, Tulane University
1992; Doctor and professor honoris causa, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary.
Several visiting professorships in Europe, N. America, Australia, Africa.

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