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Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

Francesco Baldassarri is the Italian Coordinator for the European Project Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, a consortium of 12 leading european Universities. (click on the map for more details about the partnership)

The main themes of research of the network are:

I.  p-adic cohomology theory
II.  Rigid geometry and p-adic uniformization
III.  Automorphic forms and the Langlands programme
IV.  L-functions of motives and their special values
V.  Diophantine geometry

European Coordinator:
Université Louis Pasteur
7, rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg cedex
Tel : (33)
Fax : (33)
e-mail : schappa@math.u-strasbg.fr

Francesco Baldassarri


Welcome to Francesco Baldassarri's home page. Here you can find my curriculum vitae and a list of my publications with some preprints available by clicking on the link.
    This page is still under construction.

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