CR Geometry and PDEs V
In honor of J.J. Kohn in his 80th Birthday
Levivo June 5 -8 2012

Opening Session June 5th

10:00-10:50 D. Burns "Extendability and the homogeneous complex Monge-Ampere equation "

10:55-11:45 J. McNeal "Extension of biholomorphic mappings"

12:15-13:05 J.J. Kohn "Existence and hypoellipticity of complex valued PDEs"

Afternoon session

15:00-15:50 J.E. Fornaess
"Foliations by complex manifolds"

16:00-16:50 S. Ivashkovych "Banach analytic sets and a non linear version of the Levi extension theorem"

The full program of the conference will be settled in Levico