curriculum development # goals of mathematics teaching.    97D30  
curriculum guides, official documents # syllabuses.    97B70  
curriculum materials, effective teaching, etc.) # teaching and curriculum (innovations, teaching practices, studies of    97C90  
curvature # minimal surfaces, surfaces with prescribed mean    53A10  
curvature manifolds # negative    32Q05  
curvature manifolds # positive    32Q10  
curvature restrictions # methods of Riemannian geometry, including PDE methods;    53C21  
curvature, tight, etc.) # immersions (minimal, prescribed    53C42  
curve fitting # smoothing,    65D10  
curve sketching, extremum problems) # differential calculus (e.g.:    97I40  
curved groups # hyperbolic groups and nonpositively    20F67  
curved space backgrounds # quantum field theory on    81T20  
curves   14Hxx  
curves   14Q05  
curves # directly differentiable    51L10  
curves # elliptic    14H52  
curves # geometry of orders of nondifferentiable    51L05  
curves # plane and space    14H50  
curves # pseudoholomorphic    32Q65  
curves and curves of low genus # special    14H45  
curves and surfaces on projective and affine planes   516.352  
curves and surfaces) # computer aided design (modeling of    65D17  
curves and their moduli # vector bundles on    14H60  
curves in Euclidean space   53A04  
curves of arbitrary genus or genus $\ne 1$ over global fields   11G30  
curves of low genus # special curves and    14H45  
curves over finite and local fields   11G20  
curves over global fields # elliptic    11G05  
curves over local fields # elliptic    11G07  
curves) # convex sets in $2$ dimensions (including convex    52A10  
curves, dendrites # spaces of dimension $\leq 1$;    54F50  
curves, singular points, limit cycles # location of integral    34C05  
cut # polyhedral combinatorics, branch-and-bound, branch-and-   90C57  
cut-elimination and normal-form theorems   03F05  
CW-complexes # wall finiteness obstruction for    57Q12  
cycles # algebraic    14C25  
cycles # computation of homoclinic    37M20  
cycles # deformations of singularities; vanishing    32S30  
cycles # location of integral curves, singular points, limit    34C05  
cycles # paths and    05C38  
cycles # phase plane analysis, limit    70K05  
cycles and motivic cohomology # algebraic    19E15  
cycles and periodic orbits # bifurcations of limit    37G15  
cycles and subschemes   14Cxx  
cycles by submanifolds # realizing    57R95  
cycles of polynomial and analytic vector fields (existence, uniqueness, bounds, Hilbert's 16th problem and ramifications) # theory of limit    34C07  
cyclic and hypercyclic vectors   47A16  
cyclic codes   94B15  
cyclic groups   512.232  
cyclic homology and cohomology # $K$-theory and homology;    19D55  
cyclic products # symmetric products,    55S15  
cyclic theory) # $K$-theory and operator algebras (including    46L80  
cyclic, dihedral, etc.) # (co)homology of commutative rings and algebras (e.g., Hochschild, Andr\'e - Quillen,    13D03  
cyclic, dihedral, etc.) # (Co)homology of rings and algebras (e.g. Hochschild,    16E40  
cyclotomic extensions   11R18  
cyclotomic function fields (class groups, Bernoulli objects, etc.)   11R60  
cyclotomy   11T22  
cylinder functions, $_0F_1$ # Bessel and Airy functions,    33C10  
cylindric and polyadic algebras; relation algebras   03G15  
cylindrical, etc.) and integrals (Feynman, path, Fresnel, etc.) on manifolds # measure (Gaussian,    46T12  
cylindrical, etc.) on manifolds of maps # measures (Gaussian,    58D20  
damage # anelastic fracture and    74R20  
damage # brittle    74R05  
damage # fracture and    74Rxx  
damage # theories of fracture and    74A45  
damping, various viscoelastic materials) # materials of strain-rate type and history type, other materials with memory (including elastic materials with viscous    74Dxx  
Daniell integrals, etc.), representing set functions and measures # integration theory via linear functionals (Radon measures,    28C05  
Darboux equation and generalizations # Euler - Poisson -    35Q05  
data # PDE with discontinuous coefficients or    35R05  
data # realizations from input-output    93B15  
data # survival analysis and censored    62Nxx  
data # theory of    68Pxx  
data analysis   62-07  
data analysis # descriptive statistics, statistical data handling, graphical methods of data representation,    97K40  
data encryption   68P25  
data handling, graphical methods of data representation, data analysis # descriptive statistics, statistical    97K40  
data models # censored    62N01  
data representation, data analysis # descriptive statistics, statistical data handling, graphical methods of    97K40  
data smoothing   93E14  
data structures   68P05  
data types; algebraic specification # abstract    68Q65  
data, parameters # dependence of solutions of PDE on initial and boundary    35B30  
data; spatial statistics # directional    62H11  
database theory   68P15  
de_Branges, ...) # Hilbert subspaces; complementation (Aronszajn,    46C07  
De_Morgan algebras, Lukasiewicz algebras   06D30  
de_Rham cohomology   14F40  
de_Rham theory   58A12  
de_Vries, Burgers, sine-Gordon, sinh-Gordon, etc.) # KdV-like equations (Korteweg -    35Q53  
death, etc.) # branching processes (Galton - Watson, birth-and-   60J80  
decentralized systems   93A14  
decidability   11U05  
decidability   12L05  
decidability of theories and sets of sentences   03B25  
decimal (base 10) system   513.55  
decimal fractions   513.265  
decimals. extensions of number domains # integers. rational numbers. arithmetic operations on integers, fractions and    97F40  
decision making, including multiple objectives # management    90B50  
decision problems # compound    62C25  
decision problems, connections with logic and automata # word problems, other    20F10  
decision procedures; empirical Bayes procedures # empirical    62C12  
decision processes # Markov and semi-Markov    90C40  
decision support, etc.) # information systems (hypertext navigation, interfaces,    68U35  
decision theory   519.542  
decision theory   62Cxx  
decision theory   91B05  
decision theory for games   91A35  
decision theory, reliability, quality control) # applied statistics (e.g.: simulation,    97K90  
decoding   94B35  
decomposable operators, well-bounded operators, etc. # spectral operators,    47B40  
decomposition # multigrid methods; domain    65M55  
decomposition # multigrid methods; domain    65N55  
decomposition methods   49M27  
decomposition theory for $C^*$-algebras   46L45  
decompositions # idempotents, Peirce    17C27  
decompositions # quotient spaces,    54B15  
Dedekind eta function, Dedekind sums   11F20  
Dedekind sums # Dedekind eta function,    11F20  
Dedekind, Pr\"ufer and Krull rings and their generalizations   13F05  
deduction, resolution, etc.) # theorem proving (   68T15  
deductive mathematics   511.24  
deductive systems # abstract    03B22  
deductive systems # foundations, relations to logic and    18A15  
deferred corrections # extrapolation to the limit,    65B05  
definability # inductive    03D70  
definability # interpolation, preservation,    03C40  
definability # other notions of set-theoretic    03E47  
definability, and core models # inner models, including constructibility, ordinal    03E45  
defined by compactness properties # operators    47B07  
defined by functions # special sets    54C50  
defined by inductive or projective limits (LB, LF, etc.) # spaces    46A13  
defined by maps # maps and general types of spaces    54Cxx  
defined by ring conditions (factorial, Cohen - Macaulay, seminormal) # varieties    14M05  
defined by series and integrals # other functions    33E20  
defined by subgroup chains # other classes of groups    20F22  
defined by them # basic hypergeometric integrals and functions    33D60  
defined by them ($E$, $G$ and $H$ functions) # hypergeometric integrals and functions    33C60  
defining. axiomatics and axiomatic methods. acquisition of mathematical concepts # language of mathematics. formalization.    97E40  
definite functions # positive    42A82  
definite functions on groups, semigroups, etc. # positive    43A35  
definition of functions. differential equations, difference equations, integral equations) # functional equations (   97I70  
definitions, generalizations   18A05  
deformable solids # mechanics of    74-XX  
deformation # kinematics of    74A05  
deformation of singularities   58K60  
deformation quantization, star products   53D55  
deformation theory, Artin approximation, etc. # local    14B12  
deformations # formal methods;    14D15  
deformations # Painlev\'e and other special equations; classification, hierarchies; isomonodromic    34M55  
deformations # quantizations,    46L65  
deformations # quantum groups (quantized enveloping algebras) and related    17B37  
deformations and infinitesimal methods   13D10  
deformations for ordinary differential equations (e.g. Khnizhnik - Zamolodchikov equation) # moduli and    32G34  
deformations of analytic structures   32Gxx  
deformations of complex structures   32G05  
deformations of fiber bundles   32G08  
deformations of rings   16S80  
deformations of singularities   14B07  
deformations of singularities; vanishing cycles   32S30  
deformations of special (e.g. CR) structures   32G07  
deformations of structures   58H15  
deformations of submanifolds and subspaces   32G10  
deformations superposed on large) # equations linearized about a deformed state (small    74B15  
deformed state (small deformations superposed on large) # equations linearized about a    74B15  
degenerate type # elliptic partial differential equations of    35J70  
degenerate type # hyperbolic PDE of    35L80  
degenerate type # parabolic partial differential equations of    35K65  
degenerations # fibrations,    14D06  
degenerations # period matrices, variation of Hodge structure;    32G20  
degree # by    515.8252  
degree # by    515.9252  
degree # equations and functions by    515.252  
degree # varieties of low    14N25  
degree equations; Fermat's equation # higher    11D41  
degree higher than two # forms of    11E76  
degree of approximation # rate of convergence,    41A25  
degree sequences   05C07  
degree structures # other Turing    03D28  
degree theory   47H11  
degree, winding number   55M25  
degree-theoretic methods # periodic, homoclinic and heteroclinic orbits; variational methods,    37J45  
degrees # recursively (computably) enumerable sets and    03D25  
degrees and reducibilities # other    03D30  
degrees of sets of sentences # undecidability and    03D35  
Dehn's lemma, sphere theorem, loop theorem, asphericity   57M35  
delay equations # stochastic    34K50  
Deligne (co)homologies) # other algebro-geometric (co)homologies (e.g., intersection, equivariant, Lawson,    14F43  
demand theory # consumer behavior,    91B40  
demand theory, etc.) # applications (reliability,    60K10  
demodulation # modulation and    94A14  
demography # mathematical geography and    91D20  
dendrites # spaces of dimension $\leq 1$; curves,    54F50  
Denjoy and Perron integrals, other special integrals   26A39  
densities and Hausdorff dimension # conformal    37F35  
density estimation   62G07  
density theorems   11R45  
density, gaps, topology   11B05  
denumerable structures   03C15  
dependence # integral    13B21  
dependence and continuation of solutions # initial value problems, existence, uniqueness, continuous    34A12  
dependence of solutions of PDE on initial and boundary data, parameters   35B30  
dependence theorems # algebraic    32J10  
dependence, rank # vector spaces, linear    15A03  
depth, related rings (catenary, etc.) # dimension theory,    13C15  
derivations   13N15  
derivations, actions of Lie algebras   16W25  
derivations, dissipations and positive semigroups in $C^*$-algebras   46L57  
derivations, elementary operators, etc. # commutators,    47B47  
derivations, other operators # automorphisms,    17A36  
derivations, other operators # automorphisms,    17B40  
derivative, holomorphy (all involving infinite-dimensional spaces) # measures, integration,    46Gxx  
derivative-free methods   90C56  
derivatives   46G05  
derivatives # nondifferentiability (nondifferentiable functions, points of nondifferentiability), discontinuous    26A27  
derivatives and differential and integral operators # inequalities involving    26D10  
derivatives and integrals # fractional    26A33  
derivatives, mean-value theorems # differentiation (functions of one variable): general theory, generalized    26A24  
derived categories, triangulated categories   18E30  
derived functors # resolutions;    18G10  
derived functors and satellites   18E25  
derived functors for triples # triples (=standard construction, monad or triad), algebras for a triple, homology and    18C15  
derived series, central series, and generalizations   20F14  
derived spaces   514.3203  
Desarguesian and Pappian geometries   51A30  
Desarguesian lattices # modular lattices,    06C05  
descent) # singular perturbation problems in the complex domain (complex WKB, turning points, steepest    34M60  
descent, etc.) # asymptotic approximations, asymptotic expansions (steepest    41A60  
descriptive complexity and finite models   68Q19  
descriptive geometry   51N05  
descriptive geometry   97G80  
descriptive geometry # abstract    516.6  
descriptive geometry # analytic and    51Nxx  
descriptive set theory   03E15  
descriptive set theory (topological aspects of Borel, analytic, projective, etc. sets)   54H05  
descriptive statistics, multivariate analysis, analysis of variance and covariance   519.53  
descriptive statistics, statistical data handling, graphical methods of data representation, data analysis   97K40  
design # computer-aided    68U07  
design # sequential    62L05  
design (modeling of curves and surfaces) # computer aided    65D17  
design and communication # network    68M10  
design of experiments   519.57  
design of experiments   62Kxx  
design techniques (robust design, computer-aided design, etc.)   93B51  
design theory # applications of    94C30  
design, computer-aided design, etc.) # design techniques (robust    93B51  
design, etc.) # design techniques (robust design, computer-aided    93B51  
designs # block    05B05  
designs # block    62K10  
designs # factorial    62K15  
designs # general block    51E05  
designs # optimal    62K05  
designs # response surface    62K20  
designs # robust parameter    62K25  
designs and configurations   05Bxx  
designs, configurations # other    05B30  
designs, geometries and codes # group actions on    05E20  
desingularization, zeros of Abelian integrals, etc.) # connections with real algebraic geometry (fewnomials,    34C08  
detection # estimation and    93E10  
detection theory   94A13  
detection, filtering, etc.) # applications (signal    60G35  
detection; testing # fault    94C12  
determinacy of map germs # classification; finite    58K40  
determinacy principles   03E60  
determinant bundles, analytic torsion # determinants and    58J52  
determinantal ideals # linkage, complete intersections and    13C40  
determinantal varieties   14M12  
determinants   512.9432  
determinants   65F40  
determinants # matrices,    11C20  
determinants # Selberg zeta functions and regularized    11M36  
determinants and determinant bundles, analytic torsion   58J52  
determinants and matrices   512.943  
determinants, permanents, other special matrix functions   15A15  
determinants, theory of equation) # linear algebra. multilinear algebra. (vector spaces, linear mappings, matrices,    97H60  
determination of effective properties # homogenization,    74Qxx  
determination of functions   515.232  
determination of functions   515.8232  
determination of functions   515.9232  
determined by compactness or summability properties (nuclear spaces, Schwartz spaces, Montel spaces, etc.) # spaces    46A11  
determined by universal properties (free algebras, coproducts, adjunction of inverses, etc.) # rings    16S10  
deterministic # network models,    90B10  
deterministic # scheduling theory,    90B35  
development # goals of mathematics teaching. curriculum    97D30  
development and evaluation of textbooks. textbook use in the classroom # analysis of textbooks,    97U20  
development, etc.) # teachers, and research on teacher education (teacher    97C70  
development, problem solving, etc.) # student learning and thinking (misconceptions, cognitive    97C30  
developmental biology, pattern formation   92C15  
deviating arguments # partial functional-differential or differential-difference equations, with or without    35R10  
deviation # measures of    519.534  
deviations # large    60F10  
devices (``smart materials'') # control, switches and    74M05  
DF)-spaces # locally convex Fr\'echet spaces and (   46A04  
diagnosis, analysis and remediation of learning difficulties and student errors   97D70  
diagnostics   62J20  
diagonalizable algebras) # provability logics and related algebras (e.g.,    03F45  
diagonalizable algebras, etc.) # Boolean algebras with additional operations (   06E25  
diagram schemes, precategories # graphs,    18A10  
diagrams # buildings and the geometry of    51E24