Universita` di Padova Dipartimento di Matematica "Tullio Levi-Civita"

Seminari di Fisica Matematica


Abstracts of the seminars


Jan 23 Andrea Sacchetti Modena e Reggio Emilia Nonlinear models in Quantum Mechanics
Jan 14 Luca Lussardi Politecnico di Torino Membrane shapes that minimize the multiphase Canham-Helfrich energy



Dec 10 Marco Lenci Bologna Global observables and infinite mixing
Nov 28 Riccardo Adami Politecnico Torino The Schr÷dinger equation in dimension two with a pointwise nonlinearity: a puzzling model
Nov 12 Francesco Dell'Isola Roma La Sapienza Metamaterial design: a  challenge in mathematical physics and engineering sciences
Oct 9 Jim Wiseman Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA Notions of recurrence and transitivity for discrete dynamical systems
Sept 27 Leonid Yelash Mainz Stress calculation in a reduced-order hybrid multi-scale method
Sept 18 Stefano Maro` Pisa Invariant sets of some dissipative systems
June 27 Luis Garcia-Naranjo UNAM, Mexico City Relative equilibria of the gravitational 2-body problem in spaces of constant curvature
June 17 Annalisa Panati CPT Luminy and UniversitÚ de Toulon Heat fluctuations in the two-time measurement framework and ultraviolet regularity
May 2 Luca Marchese Paris 13 Diophantine approximations, dimension and thermodynamic formalism for Fuchsian groups
April 15 Marco Bertola Concordia and SISSA Symplectic geometry of the moduli space of projective structures
April 4 Paolo Gidoni Padova Tori or Spheres? An introduction to the generalization of PoincarÚ-Birkhoff Theorem in higher dimension
March 21 Alberto Maiocchi Milano Perturbation theory for Hamiltonian systems with infinitely many
degrees of freedom: a probabilistic approach
March 18 Alessio Troiani Padova Shaken dynamics, tides and earthquakes
Feb 14 Lorenzo Zanelli Padova The inverse spectral problem of Schr÷dinger operators and homogenization theory of Hamiltonian systems
Jan 29 Giulio Giusteri Politecnico di Milano Plateau, the Cosserat, and the mechanics of shapes


Dec 6 Xiaomeng Xu MIT - Boston Stokes phenomenon and its applications in mathematical physics
Nov 15 Olga Bernardi UniversitÓ di Padova Recurrent sets and Lyapunov functions: classical and recent results
May 8 Adina Chirila UniversitÓ di Brasov, Romania Model equations of diffusive microstrech thermoelasticity with microtemperatures and microconcentrations
April 26 Marcel Guardia UPC Barcelona Asymptotic density of collision orbits in the Restricted  Planar Circular Three Body Problem
March 13 James Montaldi University of Manchester The multidimensional Veselova top--an integrable nonholonomic system
Jan 30 Henrique  Bursztyn IMPA, Rio de Janeiro Dirac structures and applications
Jan 18 Andrea Giacobbe UniversitÓ di Catania Sul tipo spettrale degli equilibri, con una applicazione alla epidemiologia



Nov 28 Anna Florio UniversitÚ dĺAvignon et des Pays du Vaucluse Asymptotic Maslov indices for twist maps
Oct 19 Gaetano Zampieri Universita` di Verona Sulla dinamica di alcuni sistemi Lagrangiani dissipativi
Oct 12 Matteo Casati Loughborough University, UK Algebraic methods for the theory of deformations of multidimensional Hamiltonian operators
July 12 Paolo Rossi Universite' de Bourgogne, Dijon, France Quantum integrable systems of double ramification type
June 28 Alexandre Pousse UniversitÓ di Napoli Around quasi-satellites and remarkable configurations in the co-orbital resonance
June 19 Alessandra FusÚ UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano Quasiconvexity of the Hamiltonian for non Harmonic or non Keplerian central potentials
June 15 Heinz Hansmann Universiteit Utrecht Families of hyperbolic Hamiltonian tori
May 10 Alessandro Fortunati Univeristy of Bristol Geometrical methods and Arnold's diffusion



Oct 20 Christos Efthymiopoulos Academy of Athens Analytical study of the secular dynamics of geosynchronous space debris
Sept 29 Lorenzo Zanelli Universita` di Padova Il problema spettrale di Schr÷dinger ed il legame con la teoria KAM debole
Sept 15 Paula Balseiro Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterˇi, Brasil On Hamiltonization and Conserved Quantities in Nonholonomic Mechanics
July 4 Luis Garcia-Naranjo UNAM, Mexico City The dynamics of an articulated n-trailer vehicle



Febr 5 Gaetano Zampieri Universita` di Verona Costanti del moto nonlocali in Meccanica Lagrangiana



July 2 Larry Bates University of Calgary An extension of the Dirac theory of constraints
June 30 Boris Khesin University of Toronto Pentagram maps and nondegenerate curves
April 15 Anatoly Neishtadt Mosca e Loughborough On mechanisms of destruction of adiabatic invariance
Febr 2 Livia Corsi Universita' di Roma La Sapienza An abstract Implicit Function Theorem and quasi-periodic solutions
for Hamiltonian PDEs on homogeneous manifolds



Nov 25 Boris Zhilinskii Universite' du Littoral Cote d'Opale, Dunkerque Qualitative features of the rearrangement of molecular energy spectra from a "wall-crossing" perspective
Oct 1 Mauro Spera Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia On geometrical and physical aspects of some unitary Riemann surface braid group representations
May 15 Cornelia Vizman West University of Timisoara Noncommutative integrability and dual pairs in symplectic and contact geometry
Febr 2 Bob Rink VU University, Amsterdam Ferromagnetic crystals and the destruction of minimal foliations



June 19 Luis Garcia-Naranjo ITAM - Mexico City Measure preservation in nonholonomic mechanics
Oct 29 Enrico Pagani Universita' di Trento Calcolo delle variazioni in presenza di vincoli cinetici



Dec 13 Lorenzo Zanelli Universita` di Bologna The weak KAM theory in semiclassical analysis
June 27 Alessandro Arise Toledo, Ohio Equations of Lax type, height functions and deformations
May 11 Christos Efthimiopoulos Academy of Athens The speed of Arnold diffusion
March 3 Alberto Abbondandolo Universita` di Pisa Fenomeni di squeezing e non-squeezing nelle dimensioni intermedie



Dec 1 Gaetano Zampieri Universita` di Verona Instabilita' debole e isocronia per sistemi dinamici Hamiltoniani
Nov 11 Gerhard Wanner Universita` di Ginevra The discovery of the Ritz-Galerkin 100 yers ago
Sept 2 Luis Garcia-Naranjo EPFL Non-Liouville integrability for a variant of the Nonholonomic Suslov problem
June 15 Daniele Sepe Universita` di Edinburgo Lagrangian Fibrations and Affine Geometry
May 5 Yakov Pesin Pennsylvania State University Genericity of chaotic behavior
March 25 Christian Lubich Universita' di Tubinga The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem, and modulated Fourier expansions
March 22 Andrea Sacchetti Universita` di Modena e Reggio Emilia Analisi semiclassica per l'equazione di Schr÷dinger non lineare



June 2 Heleni Christodoulidi Universita' di Patras, Grecia The Fermi Pasta Ulam paradox and the localized solutions in the Fourier space
May 8 Bob Rink VU University, Amsterdam Integrable continuum equations for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chain



Sept 9 Andrea Boattini The University of Arizona, USA

The Catalina Sky Survey: transitioning through NEO survey generations

June 24 Olga Bernardi Universita` di Padova Localizzazione degli insiemi di Aubry-Mather tramite tecniche
di localizzazione ispirate alle teorie di viscositÓ
June 17 Larry Bates University of Calgary, Canada Symmetry, periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems, and the isotropic
symplectic groups
May 5 Elena Celledoni Universita` di Trondheim, Norway Energy-preserving methods and B-series
Febr 26 Armando Bazzani Universita` di Bologna Emergent properties in models for pedestrian dynamics



Nov 20 Massimo Villarini Universita` di Modena e Reggio Emilia Molteplicita' di soluzioni periodiche per Hamiltoniane naturali
Nov 8 Antonio Siconolfi Roma La Sapienza Omogeneizzazione di  Hamiltoniane in ambiente stazionario ergodico
Nov 6 Dmitrii Sadovskii Universite' du Littoral, France Classification of perturbations of the hydrogen atom in small static electric and magnetic fields: resonance zone structure
Oct 30 James Montaldi University of Manchester, UK Bifurcations in Hamiltonian systems with symmetry: the role of zero momentum
Oct 16 Anna Maria Cherubini Universita` del Salento Comportamento asintotico di una 'pallina che rimbalza'
Oct 2 Alessandra Celletti Universita` di Roma 2 Mercurio e gli attrattori quasi-periodici
May 8 Andrea Giacobbe Universita` di Padova Singolarita' di sistemi completamente integrabili a 2 gradi di liberta`
Febr 27 Carlangelo Liverani Universita` di Roma Tor Vergata Fourier Law And Random Walks In Dynamical Environment
Febr 8 Hisao Fujita Yashima Universita` di Torino Equazioni della dinamica dei ghiacciai alpini
Febr 6 Jayme De Luca Universidade Federal de SŃo Carlos - Brasil Is there any global solution for the relativistic Lorentz-Dirac equation
of motion of two point charges?
Jan 23 Antonio Ponno Universita` di Padova Il problema di Fermi-Pasta-Ulam: stato dell'arte e sviluppi recenti