News Archive


  • May: Our paper "Blockchain Trilemma Solver Algorand has Dilemma over Undecidable Messages" has been accepted at ARES '19.
  • May: Our paper "On the Exploitation of Online SMS Receiving Services to Forge ID Verification" has been accepted at ARES '19.
  • January: A short technical report "The True Scale of Extortions by Sextortion Emails" is available here.


  • November: Our paper "Mind Your Wallet's Privacy: Identifying Bitcoin Wallet Apps and User's Actions through Network Traffic Analysis" has been accepted at ACM SAC '19.
  • August: Our paper "On the Economic Significance of Ransomware Campaigns: A Bitcoin Transactions Perspective" has been accepted for publication in Elsevier Computers & Security.
  • April: Our paper "Spot the Difference: Your Bucket is Leaking - A Novel Methodology to Expose A/B Testing Effortlessly" has been accepted at IEEE CNS '18 workshop: SPC '18.


  • August: Our paper "A Comprehensive and Effective Mechanism for DDoS Detection in SDN" has been accepted at IEEE WiMob '17.
  • July: Our paper "Blocking Intrusions at Border using Software Defined-Internet Exchange Point (SD-IXP)" has been accepted at
    IEEE NFV-SDN '17.
  • February: Our paper "PANORAMA: Real-time Bird's Eye View of an OpenFlow Network" has been accepted at IEEE ICNSC '17.