Milly Maietti

    Official name: Maria Emilia Maietti

    Current position: Associate Professor
    Current address:
    Dipartimento di Matematica "Tullio Levi-Civita"
    Università di Padova
    via Trieste n.63 35121 Padova -Italy
    tel. + 39 049 8271478
    fax +39 049 8271499

    e-mail address : lastname @
    (substitute "lastname" with "maietti")
Short CV      Publications      Logic Group in Padova
Main research interests: Constructive Mathematics, Type theory, Categorical Logic
Editorial duties:
Member of the Editorial Board of Mathematical Logic Quarterly
Member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Logic and Analysis
European projects:
Padova coordinator of European RISE project CID (2017-2022- to be postponed)
Padova coordinator of European IRSES project CORCON (2014-2017)

Orario Ricevimento Studenti
2018 Toposes in Como
2018 Das Kontinuum - 100 years later
2018 Hausdorff Trimester Program "Types, Sets and Constructions"
2017 XXVI incontro dell'Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni
2015 Fifth workshop in Formal Topology 2015
2013 Foundation of Mathematics for Computer-Aided Formalization
2012 Fourth Workshop on Formal Topology
2008 Advances in Constructive Topology and Logical Foundations
in honor of the 60th birthday of Giovanni Sambin (+ APAL special issue)