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This is the R.O.M.E.68000 Manual version 0.51.
This is an experimental version.
Copyright © 1997 by G. Mezzetti; last update: January 1, 1999.

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Table of Contents

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Chapter I: Foundations
  1. An Aphorism
  2. Two Basic Values
  3. Data Types
  4. Registers
  5. Block of Words
  6. Two Classes of Instructions
  7. General Format of Instructions
  8. Correct Data Items
  9. Arithmetic Operations
  10. Pointers

Chapter II: Addressing Modes
  1. List of All Addressing Modes
  2. How Pictures Are Drawn
  3. Much More About Registers
  4. When Registers Are Not Being Used
  5. Elementary Components of Addresses
  6. Recapitulation of the Rules About Unused Fields
  7. Abbreviations for Syntax
  8. Description of 4-Bits Modes
  9. Description of 3-Bits Modes
  10. Description of 2-Bits Modes
  11. A Word About Increments and Decrements
  12. Addressing Groups

Chapter III: Operands
  1. Another Discussion on Data Types
  2. Uses of Operands
  3. Uses of Operands and Short-Circuited Modes
  4. Multiple Operands
  5. How Multiple Operands Are Described
  6. Increments and Decrements
  7. The Instruction Pointer
  8. Referring to Operands in the Description of Instructions
  9. Recapitulation

Chapter IV: Ordinary Instructions
  1. ClassiŞcation of Instructions
  2. How Instructions Are Described
  3. Language Used in Formal Descriptions
  4. Overview of Instructions of the ``Control'' Class
  5. Description of Instructions of the ``Control'' Class
  6. Overview of Instructions of the ``Block of Words'' Class
  7. Description of Instructions of the ``Block of Words'' Class
  8. Interpreting Instruction Keys Given in the Above Descriptions

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