Michela Redivo Zaglia

MICHELA REDIVO ZAGLIA is Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis since 1998. She obtained the National Habilitation to a Full Professor position in December 2013.

From 1998 to 2002, she was in the Dept. of Mathematics of Calabria University and after she moved to the Dept. of Mathematics of the Univ. of Padova. She has been Head of the Computer Center of the Dept. of Electronics and Computer Sciences of the Univ. of Padova from 1984 to 1998. From 2008 to 2011, she was Vice-Director of the Dept. of Mathematics of Padova University. From 2005 she is a member of the board of the Doctoral School in Mathematics at University of Padova (from 2013 to 2017 Coordinator and after Delegate of the Computational Mathematics branch). She was and is still involved in several institutional activities and committees in Departments, Faculties, Schools.

She has been Visiting Professor in several European Universities and also in USA, in South-Africa, in Canada, in Russia, in China and Hong Kong giving there more than 40 seminars and 2 courses on her scientific results. Her scientific works have been presented at about 75 international conferences, 15 of them as invited or plenary speaker. She has been member of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of 19 Italian and International Conferences and has collaborated to the editing of 12 conference proceedings published as special issues of numerical analysis international journals. She is currently member of the editorial board of three international journals of numerical analysis and applied mathematics (International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Engineering Sciences, Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation, and Numerical Algorithms). For the last one, she is also its software editor since 1991. She has also been a member of PhD. examination committees in Italy, France, Portugal, Tunisia and Morocco, and several times she was a member or president of committees for Italian scientific positions (Associate or Assistant Professor, Postdoc grants, PhD students admission at Doctoral School). She was and is still responsible or participant in more than 40 funded projects.

Her main scientific interests concern numerical analysis. They deal, in particular, with several topics which have some connections: extrapolation methods and convergence acceleration, classical and formal orthogonal polynomials, and linear and nonlinear numerical algebra. In particular, she is an international expert on extrapolation methods, with applications of such methods to several fields and to numerical linear algebra. For instance she worked on the regularization of ill-conditioned systems, on the acceleration of the PageRank algorithm used in the Google's web search, on integral equations, and on tensor problems. She obtained several relevant results in the treatment of breakdowns and near-breakdowns in algorithms for the implementation of Lanczos and Lanczos-Type methods for the solution of systems of linear equations by using the FOP (Formal Orthogonal Polynomials). She obtained important results, widely cited, about the measure of orthogonality of quasi-orthogonal polynomials, and the location of their zeros.
The scientific results of her work have received many quotations by various authors in many papers and several books.

As author or coauthor (about 30 different co-authors), she published 73 papers in highly recognized international numerical analysis journals and conference proceedings, and other papers are submitted or in preparation. She wrote seven books. One of these books, published in English in 1991 by North-Holland, is still now one of the main references on extrapolation methods and is regularly cited. Two books were published in French by Ellipses, Paris, in 2004 and 2006. She wrote a book on the operating system UNIX which was one of the first ones on this subject published in Italy. Three didactic books (updated several times), in Italian, covering her lectures, together with the corresponding exercises book, are widely used among engineering, mathematics and computer science students. She also wrote seven public domain Numerical software packages in Fortran and Matlab.

She devoted a large part of her efforts in the training of young researchers and students (in particular PhD and postdoc), many of the former ones now hold positions in foreign universities. In addition, thanks to her works, the worldwide invitations received for long and short term periods, the scientific activities, and the organizations of a lot of conferences, she was able to build an international network of collaborations and she was able to obtain funds for inviting prestigious international scientists to the University of Padova giving the opportunity to students and researchers to meet them and to discuss with them, and also to organize scientific visits abroad for the Padova young students and researchers.

She is also regularly contacted for acting as referee by international scientific journals, for Italian and foreign projects or promotions, and for national and foreign PhD thesis

With regards to her didactic activities, she gave several courses (more than 80) primarily on numerical analysis, scientific computing, and computer sciences for Laurea, Master, Diploma, and PhD degrees. She was supervisor of 13 B.S. and M.S. thesis. Member of the committee "Innovation in teaching", she was one of the member of the starting group of "pioneers'' on T4L (Teaching for Learning) at the School of Engineering, and she continue to study and apply these techniques, now extended to the whole Padua University.

Updated November 19, 2018

Michela Redivo Zaglia