Marco Panunzio
Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, University of Padua
via Trieste 63
35121 Padova

Correctness by Construction and Separation of Concerns in a MDE Design Infrastructure

Marco Panunzio, Carlo Santamaria, Alessandro Zovi and Tullio Vardanega

1st Workshop on Hands-on Platforms and tools for model-based engineering of Embedded Systems


The adoption of Model-driven Engineering (MDE) is commonplace in mainstream industry. Its application to the high-integrity real-time systems domain instead is at best only initial. Arguably, important benefits can be had from adopting MDE in the latter industry. We contend that two key strategic elements may facilitate successful adoption: the rigorous application of separation of concerns; and the adoption of techniques inspired by the principles of correctness by construction. In this paper we report on our work in the CHESS project where we aim to engineer a MDE design infrastructure that implements that strategy.