Michele Pavon

Dipartimento di Matematica “Tullio Levi Civita”
Università di Padova
via Trieste 63, 35121 Padova, Italy

Telephone: +39 049 827 1341
Telefax: +39 049 827 1428
Email: pavon@math.unipd.it

Born in Venice, Italy, on October 12, 1950. Languages: Italian, English, German (working knowledge). 
“Laurea" in mathematics, University of Padova, Italy, July 1974
Ph.D. in mathematics, University of Kentucky, U.S.A., February 1979

Research topics: 
•     Stochastic systems theory. Spectral estimation.
    Nelson’s Stochastic mechanics. 
    Control of quantum-mechanical systems. 
    Maximum entropy problems.
    Optimal mass transport.
    Efficient-robust transport over networks.
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Full CV [CV.pdf]