A Control Day and a half, 2012
(February 24-25, 2012)
    Control Theory at the University of Padova

Venue: Aula  1A150  Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Padova
February 24, 2012 morning and afternoon sessions,
February 25,  2012, morning session.

Endorsed by  Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
 and  Dipartimento di Matematica
dell'Università Di Padova.
    Supported by Progetto di Ateneo "Aspetti analitici e geometrico-differenziali nella Teoria del Controllo Non Lineare, con applicazioni alla Meccanica" ,
 Università di Padova

This is a meeting among researchers of the University of Padova somehow involded in Control Theory. As in previous editions, speakers  are encouraged to delive talks suitable to a general control audience.The following speakers from outside the University of Padova will partecipate in the meeting:
Antonio de Simone (SISSA)  A two-lectures tutorial on Motility at small scales: quantitative modeling using a control-theoretic point of view
Hector J. Sussmann (Rutgers University) Title to be communicated
Peter Wolenski (Lousiana State University)  Structured discontinuous dynamics in Hamilton-Jacobi theory

PROGRAM and abstracts

Michele Pavon (pavon@math.unipd.it), Franco Rampazzo (rampazzo@math.unipd.it)