Tommaso Bianchi

Ph.D. Student

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Currently, I'm a Ph.D. Student in "Brain, Mind, and Computer Science" (BMCS) at the University of Padova under the supervision of Professor Mauro Conti. I'm part of the Security and Privacy Research Group (SPRITZ). Outside the reasearch world I constantly grow my skills learning new topics and playing CTFs. Furthemore, I love climbing, but I love less falling.

My Skills






Vehicle Security

IoT Security

Cyber Physical Systems Security

(Newby) Android Security



Ph.D. Student in Brain, Mind, and Computer Science

University of Padova, Italy

Oct. 2022

Master Degree in ICT for Internet and Multimedia - Cybersystems

University of Padova, Italy

2019 - 2022

Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

University of Padova, Italy

2015 - 2019



Research Visiting Student at Syssec Lab

Under the supervision of Professor Yongdae Kim

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Apr. 2024 - Current

Research Assistant at Network Security Lab

Under the supervision of Professor Radha Poovendran

Washington University, Seattle

Feb. 2022 - Aug. 2022

My Work


Conference Papers

VTC Spring 2023

[C1] QEVSEC: Quick Electric Vehicle SEcure Charging via Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer

Vulnerability analysis and authentication protocol scheme for dynamic charging of Electric Vehicles

9th CyberICPS Workshop - ESORICS 2023

[W1] HoneyEVSE: An Honeypot to emulate Electric Vehicle Supply Equipments

Honeypot to study the attack behavior in the EVSE

ACM WiSec '24

[C2] DynamiQS: Quantum Secure Authentication for Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles

Post-Quantum resistant Identity-based authentication protocol for dynamic wireless charging



Strumenti e Tecnologie di Difesa, ITS Cybersecurity (24h), 2024

Sicurezza Fisica e Controllo Accessi, ITS Cybersecurity (24h), 2024

Cyber Physical Systems and IoT Security, Laurea Magistrale in Computer Science (15h), 22/23 - 23/24

Cybersecurity: Principles and Practices, Laura Triennale in Informatica (25h), 22/23 - 23/24

Basi di Crittografia, Confidustria Vicenza (4h), 2023

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