Metodi e Modelli per l'Ottimizzazione Combinatoria [SC01122975]


Methods and Models for Combinatorial Optimization [INP5070470]

A.A 2017/2018


  • Next classes: Thursday November 30th in laboratory LabTA, Friday December 1st in 1BC50 (notice: no teaching activities between November 20th-24th).
  • The course will be taugth in English (il corso sarà erogato in inglese)
  • The course will start on Thursday, October 7th (room 1BC50): during the first lesson, additional information on the course (content, exams etc.) will be discussed.
  • For further information, email the teacher.
  • To gain access to the optimisation software for labs, you need to click here and register to the "CPLEX Academic" user list, using the key provided by the teacher.

Office hours: info

Lab exercises

  1. Part I. Implenting an Integer Linear Programming model with the Cplex API or OPL: text. posted (7-Nov-2017)

Lecture notes

The lecture notes of each class will be provided some days before the class itself: students are warmly invited to read them in advance.

  1. Course information posted (29-Sep-2017)
  2. Introduction to the course posted (29-Sep-2017)
  3. Modeling by linear programming: slides posted (29-Sep-2017)
  4. Modeling by linear programming: text posted (29-Sep-2017)
  5. Additional notes on linear programming models (optional reading, in Italian): posted (29-Sep-2017) (i) Introduction (ii) Sample models
  6. Linear Programming and the simplex method: an overview posted (18-Oct-2017)
  7. Review of duality in linear programming posted (19-Oct-2017)
  8. Column generation methods posted (19-Oct-2017)
  9. Solution Methods for Integer Linear Programming posted (19-Oct-2017)


  1. Introduction to OPL posted (11-Oct-2017)
  2. Introduction to CPLEX API posted (12-Oct-2017)
  3. Column generation based heuristic for the 1D-cutting stock problem posted (15-Nov-2017)