PostScript Programming

PostScript is a page description language and programming language developed by Adobe Systems.

Here you can find some examples of PostScript programming. All you need is a PostScript interpreter, like Ghostscript, and a software that lets you see the results on the screen, like GSview (similar programs exist for operating systems different from Microsoft Windows).

C Programming

In order to compile a file foo.c on a Linux box you must type gcc -o foo foo.c. If the compilation is successful, you can run the program by typing ./foo

C++ Programming

These programs use the Qt libraries, developed by Trolltech. The version used is Qt 3.3.4. To compile one of these programs on a Linux box (with the Qt libraries installed), you must decompress the zip file and save its contents on some directory. Then, from this location, just type the following commands: qmake -project, qmake, make.