Name: Bruno Chiarellotto
Title: professore ordinario, from october 2018 Direttore del Dipartimento di Matematica
University: Padova
Matematica Pura ed Applicata
Torre Archimede, Via Trieste, 63
35121 Padova
Telephone: + 39 - 49 827 1407/1395
Fax: + 39 - 49 827 1499
e-mail: chiarbru@math.unipd.it
office: 604 (VI floor/ CD),  as director 302(III floor/ AB)

Director of Dipartimento di Matematica "Tullio Levi-Civita", Padova.
Local Coordinator 
for the knot of Padova of the Ministero Universita' e Ricerca  Project PRIN 2015 'Number Theory"  P.I. Prof. U. Zannier Scuola Normale Pisa.
In charge of the  Project PRAT University of Padova "Vanishing cycles, irregularity and ramification" 2015.
In charge of the ALGANT-DOC project  EC for the Padova knot in the Framework of the Erasmus Mundus-Doc project "Algant".
In charge
of the Ministero Universita' e Ricerca  Project PRIN 2010-11 "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and Number theory"  together with Univ. Milano, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, Univ. Genova (local coordinators: F.Andreatta, U. Zannier, A. Perelli).

Socio Corrispondente Residente  of the Istituto Veneto  di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti.

Curriculum and Publications.curric

 Insegnamenti 2018-2019: Homology and Cohomology (ALGANT Master in Math.) monday 11.30-13.30; 10.30-12.30,  PHD course "Fundamental Group" (together with A. Iovita) (april 2019).

Insegnamenti 2017-2018:
                      -Elementi  di Algebra Lineare e Geometria.  Secondo semestre. Laurea in Ingegneria edile e architettura. tenuto assieme al Prof. Adrian Iovita.  APPELLO INVERNALE : 18 febbraio 2019.


ORARIO Didattica Supporto/Ricevimento (elementi e fondamenti):

Soluzioni Prova Parziale 18 aprile
2015  sia per elementi che per fondamenti.
Soluzioni e Testo prova del 15 giugno 2015 per fondamenti. Soluzioni e Testo prova del 15 giugno 2015 per elementi.
Si consiglia di collegarsi anche alla pagina di Ernesto Mistretta ( Civile)  per ulteriori prove.


Ricevimento Studenti:
e-mail a chiarbru@math.unipd.it  , gli studenti possono anche inviare e-mail con domande usando l'acconto mail  --@studenti.unipd.it.

Programma anno accademico 2014-15, Ing. Civile/Ambiente e Territorio  I e II sq.  e Elementi di Algebra lineare e Geometria   programma 2014-15. per Elementi di Alg.Lineare e Geometria: non ci sono i numeri complessi.

Vecchi appelli: (vedere anche pagina web Marco Garuti )


-Oberwolfach  MFO Seminar  "Syntomic cohomology and p-adic Hodge theory"   19-24 november 2018.

- Winter school  and Workshop "Riemann-Hilbert Correspondances" Padova 28 gennaio-9 febbraio 2018.

Summer school  and Workshop "Modular Forms" , Padova 27 august- 6 september 2017.

-Summer school in Brixen (Bressanone ) "Perfectoid Spaces" ,   august 31-september 4,  2015 .  Here it is some slides about my   talks during the school Motivation for perfectoid

-Summer school in Dobbiaco "Monodromy" in the framework of the ALGANT Ersamus Mundus programme, 23-29 june 2014.

-Workshop "Derived de Rham complex and Beilinson's proof of C_{dR} and C_{crys}" October 25-26 2012, Padova  (Lectures by L. Illusie, F. Andreatta and B. Chiarellotto)link to the webpage

Organizzazione Convegni  (some):

Convegno "Arith. Alg. Geometry, Cetraro 7-13 october 2007"
Convegno "p-adic differential equations , Bressanone 6-9 september 2008"
Convegno Workshop on formal, algebraic and rigid geometry, 7 may 2010
Convegno Log-Conference Bordeaux, june22-25 2010
Convegno  Berkovich spaces and differential equations (Strasbourg 8-11 november 2010)
Convegno From p-adic differential equations to arithmetic algebraic geometry, Padova 3-5 february 2011
Convegno "Cohomology theories: a road map. Summer School in Brixen september 2011"


Arithmetic Geometry activities in Padova :

Fall 2017: Luc Illusie, Jean Marc Fontaine.

-Emma Previato (Boston Univ.), July 14--August 17, 2017 (Boston Univ./Univ Padova Faculty Exchange Program)
-Le Stum (Rennes) 3-7 july 2017
-F.Kato (Tokyo) 28jan-12febr. 2017
-S.Yasuda (Kyoto) 13-20 december 2016
-N.Tsusuki(Sendai) 13-20 december 201
-S.Kobayashi (Sendai) 14-21 december 2016
-A.Pal  (London)13-20 November 2016
-Christian Liedtke (Munich) 10-16 october 2016
-Richard Crew (april-may 2016)
-H.  Shiga (Chiba) january 2016
-C.Lazda (Imperial College, june 1-6 2015)
-T. Bitoun  (Moscow, may 20-26 2015 )
-E.Katz (Waterloo Canada 22-28 june 2015)
-F. Schraen (Univ. Versailles, february 2015)
-S.Morra (Montpellier-Toronto, february 2015)

Visiting researchers and activities see:
SEMINARIO PADOVA "geometria algebrica aritmetica"

Post Doct: -.

Ph.D students: Yukihide Nakada.
Recent Ph.D students :   Pietro Gatti (univ Padova e Leuven 2019); Genaro Hernandez Mada (ALGANT) (Varieties over a DVR: comparisons among the fibers, PhD 2015), Alice Ciccioni (Syntomic rigid cohomology PhD 2011), Valentina Settimi (Number theory and  counting points in varieties over  finite fields, 2011), Andrea Pulita (Paris-Padova, p-adic differential equations).

Master students:  Elsa Corniani (2018).  Dario Antolini (2017)( Together with V. Paskunas (Essen), On a deformation problem in peu ramifie' case), Asier Lakunza(2015: Computational algebraic topology and eddy currents). Saggin Fabio (2014: infinity categories) and  Roisin Mangan (ALGANT, 2013, on the ubiquity of simplicial methods).

First level thesis:  Emilio Corso (2015, Various definition of fundamental group: tannakian formalism),  Lorenzo La Porta (2015, Zeta functions and their meanings in terms of Betti numbers and point countings).  Lerer (2014, Sui teoremi di tipo GAGA).

Recent articles/preprints:
N.Tsuzuki, B. Chiarellotto : "Log growth filtration for p-adic differential equations"   in Journal de L'Inst.Math. de Jussieu 8(2009) 465-505.
 A. Pulita, B. Chiarellotto "Arithmetic and differential Swan conductor of rank one representations with finite local monodromy"  in Amer. Journal of Math 131 (2009), 1743-1794 arXiv:0711.0701.
B.Chiarellotto N. Tuszuki "log-Growth Filtration and Frobenius Slope Filtration of $F$-Isocrystals at the Generic and Special Points"  Documenta Math. 16 (2011) 33-69.
B. Chiarellotto (Edited with the aid of F. Sullivan and G. Gerotto) "An invitation to p-adic differential equations"  In Arithmetic and Galois Theory of differential equations (Rivoal, Di Vizio eds). Seminaires et Congres  SMF 23(2011), 115-168. link
B. Chiarellotto G. Gerotto F. Sullivan  "Dwork's 1994 Padova lectures on exponential modules". In Arithmetic and Galois Theory of differential equations (Rivoal, Di Vizio eds). Seminaires et Congres SMF 23(2011), 169-227. link
B. Chiarellotto, A. Ciccioni, N. Mazzari " Cycle classes and the syntomic regulator", Algebra and Number Theory,  7(2013) n.3, 533-566.  http://arxiv.org/abs/1006.0132
B. Chiarellotto  F. Esposito  " A note on Fontaine Theory using different Lubin-Tate groups" Kodai Math. J. 37(2014) 196-211 http://arxiv.org/abs/1212.4735
B. Chiarellotto N. Tsuzuki : "Clemens-Schmid exact sequence in characteristic p" Math. Ann. 358 (2014), 971-1004 http://arxiv.org/abs/1111.0779
B.Chiarellotto, R. Coleman, V. Di Proietto, A.Iovita 'On the p-adic invariant cycles theorem" J.Reine Angew. Math. 711(2016), 55-74 http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.7110
B. Chiarellotto, C. Lazda "Combinatorical degenerations of Surfaces and Calabi-Yau threefolds" Algebra and Number Theory 10(2016), n.10, 2235-2266.  http://arxiv.org/abs/1602.04063
B. Chiarellotto, C. Lazda "Around l-indipendence",  Compositio Math.  154(2018), n.1, 223-248.  https://arxiv.org/abs/1608.03796
B.Chiarellotto, C. Lazda, C. Liedtke "A Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for K3 surfaces"  (2017), to be published  in Proceedings of LMS https://arxiv.org/abs/1701.02945
B.Chiarellotto, C. Lazda, N.Mazzari "The filtered Ogus realization of motives" (2018)  to be published in J.of Algebra  https://arxiv.org/abs/1808.03146
B.Chiarellotto, C. Lazda, C. Liedtke "Good reduction of K3 surfaces  in equicharacteristic  p"  (2019)  in  https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.02630
B.Chiarellotto, V.Di Proietto, A.Shiho "Comparison of relatively unipotent log de Rham fundamental groups" (2019) in https://arxiv.org/abs/1903.03361


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