Abstracts (ordered by arrival)
  1. M. Pazouki and R. Schaback : Bases for Kernel-Based Spaces
  2. L. Bos, S. De Marchi, A. Sommariva and M. Vianello: New Tools for Multivariate Polynomial Approximation
  3. I. Markovsky : Low-Rank Approximation and Its Applications
  4. G. Allasia, R. Cavoretto and A. De Rossi: Numerical integration on multivariate irregularly distributed data by a class of splines
  5. G. Allasia and C. Bracco: Hermite-Birkhoff interpolation on scattered data in Banach spaces by cardinal basis operators
  6. G. Jaklič and T. Kanduč: Willmore energy minimizing PN triangles