«Remembering Bernie»
The Dwork Trimester in Italy

May--July 2001

The Organizing Committee of the Dwork Trimester wishes to thank all those who participated for their contributions to the success of this scientific memorial to Bernie.
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Scientific Committee:
  • Alan Adolphson 
  • Francesco Baldassarri 
  • Pierre Berthelot 
  • Gilles Christol 
  • Nicholas Katz 
  • François Loeser 
  • Steven Sperber

The following mathematicians are expected to participate: 
  • A. Adolphson  
  • Y. André  
  • F. Baldassarri  
  • L. Berger  
  • V. Berkovich  
  • P. Berthelot  
  • J.-B. Bost  
  • J.-F. Boutot  
  • B. Chiarellotto  
  • G. Christol  
  • R. Coleman  
  • P. Colmez  
  • R. Crew  
  • A. D'Agnolo  
  • H. Darmon  
  • L. Di Vizio  
  • M. Emerton  
  • J.-Y. Étesse  
  • E. Goren  
  • H. Hida
  • Ch. Huyghes  
  • L. Illusie  
  • N. Katz  
  • K. Kedlaya
  • M. Kisin  
  • B. LeStum  
  • F. Loeser  
  • F. Maaref  
  • S. Matsuda  
  • B. Mazur  
  • W. Messing
  • F. Mokrane
  • A. Ogus  
  • B. Perrin-Riou  
  • L. Ramero  
  • C. Sabbah  
  • P. Schapira  
  • P. Schneider  
  • S. Sperber  
  • H. P. F. Swinnerton-Dyer  
  • J. Tate  
  • T. Terasoma  
  • J. Tilouine  
  • N. Tsuzuki  
  • I. Vidal  
  • A. Virrion  
  • N. Wach  
  • D. Wan  
The primary goal of the conference is the investigation of the intrinsic geometric content of the arithmetic results and of the p-adic analytic methods due to Bernard Dwork (New York 5/27/1923 - Princeton 5/9/1998). 

Dwork exerted a strong influence on contemporary algebraic geometers with his proof of rationality of the zeta function of an algebraic variety over a finite field, and the introduction of a completely new p-adic cohomology theory for hypersurfaces of characteristic p > 0. He produced deep p-adic results on the Hodge structure of Picard-Fuchs equations and founded a general theory of p-adic differential equations. Rather than a collection of isolated and ingenious methods enabling the proofs of some very deep theorems in arithmetic, Dwork's theory and results have great internal cohesion and are intimately and intrinsically related to the algebraic-geometric approach of Grothendieck and his school. 

It is the goal of this conference to explore these connections and to present new developments in Dwork's theory via a collection of main lecture cycles dedicated to some of the most important aspects of the theory. 

The most welcome listeners would be, besides specialists, young post-docs and graduate students in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry. 

This extended period of work will include two special events. These will be one-week conferences on 

p-adic modular forms, p-adic L-functions and p-adic integration

organized by M. Bertolini (massimo@dimat.unipv.it or massimo@math.unipd.it), to be held in Villa Monastero in Varenna on Lake Como from Sunday, June 3 to Saturday, June 9, 2001. (The lectures will be held from the morning of Monday, June 4 to Friday afternoon, June 8)

Geometric Aspects of Dwork's Theory

to be held in Bressanone, from Sunday July 1 to Saturday July 7, 2001.
We expect to produce a volume of Proceedings.

This activity will be co-sponsored by the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM), Rome, and by the European Network ``Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry''.

The conference will be of course open to more specialized and/or informal contributions. 

For further information, watch this page or contact F. Baldassarri at baldassa@math.unipd.it