Sure, there is the Biography section, but life is not all about work (more or less....).

Since the very beginning of the Web, I've been maintaing a personal WWW page, where I used to have information on my life. If you are interested in non-work things, i.e. knowing a bit more of me, my interests etc., you can still visit the last archived version: not much has changed.

Always going back in time, I have been one of the organizers of the Nobel Prize Dario Fo's Performances at MIT, one of the coolest campus events of that period.

Orfeo Marchiori In memoriam: my father Orfeo (left, younger in the picture) died some years ago, after a long struggle: first, against a rare disease, DAVF, misdiagnosed for years (data available to help similar cases), finally discovered and recovered (although ending in a wheelchair), soon afterwards, incredible destiny, followed by lung cancer.
Thanks, dad, you were and are a marvellous person, who taught me lot of things, first of all honesty, happiness, joy, and the need to think with our mind: I owe most of what I am to you.
I will miss you, your smile, your thoughts.
You didn't deserve such a terrible and painful end.
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