For a list of the most significant research achievements, see the Bio section.

At high level, I care about information, in all its beautiful forms. Beautiful? In fact, there is no appropriate word to describe the beauty we research in!

Current research interests include Web and Internet (big data, social systems, knowledge management, information retrieval, search engines, AI) and the allmighty field of Complex Systems, especially as far as Data Science and Network Science are concerned. We live in a hybrid world, where technology and society are two sides of the same coin, and closed compartments don't really make sense any more: what is more challenging and amazing nowadays is to cross-breed between all forms of science, from computer science to math to physics to engineering to sociology and beyond. This is the big challenge of today's science: get to higher levels by combining different fields and views.

I love the two sides of the coin combined: theory and principles, algorithms and technology, combined with the applied world, industrial needs, impact on society: two sides of the coin, together to shape our future. We live in a terribly exciting period, a fantastic era of innovation, and are limited only by our imagination.

Other research areas I have been working include programming languages (constraint, visual, functional, and logic programming), visualization, genetic algorithms, neural networks, rewriting systems, privacy, counter-terrorism, query languages, ontologies, bioinformatics.

Published various research papers and world standards (see list of publications, W3C hosted papers and world standards, Google scholar, warned that these are partial lists), on all the above topics in various journals and proceedings of international conferences (no, not the usual self-replications dictated by the "publish or perish" rule... besides, the publication game is only one side of the coin, and the easiest one wrt industrial applied efforts).

Relatedly, see my opinion on patents (which should be updated, after years of experience I got with world-wide companies, with the concept of "defensive patenting"... but you get the general idea).

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