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The philosophy of mathematics and logic has been an object of my reflections ever since I first undertook serious study of these subjects.

Over many years I have slowly developed a global way of thinking about the foundations, not only of mathematics, but of abstract concepts in general (see the papers listed below).

If my exposition is somewhat ideological and my language nontechnical, it is because my goal is to take the initial steps towards a new conception.
(From the Prologue of Steps)

This new conception I call dynamic constructivism. In my mind, with a dynamic, somehow detached view one can reach a satisfactory attitude towards all the questions which have troubled philosophers of mathematics in the last century.

One of my principles is that one should study the mind and its products, including mathematics, just as natural scientists study nature.

So with no skyhooks (in the sense of D. Dennett): everything can, and should, be explained virtually from the bottom, that is basing only on the laws of biology.

Philosophy, i.e. the concrete-abstract side of the world. Eucaliptus reflected on water