Hi. I'm Pier Paolo Tricomi.

I'm a PhD Student at the University of Padova, Italy. My main interests are Security and Privacy in Social Networks and Video Games.

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Short Bio

I'm a Computer Scientist with a strong passion for CyberSecurity. Since October 2020, I'm attending the PhD programme in Brain, Mind and Computer Science (BMCS) at the University of Padova. Here, I am part of the Security and Privacy (SPRITZ) research group, under the supervision of Prof. Mauro Conti. My research interests lie primarily in Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks and Video Games, with a particular focus on Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications for User Profiling, Private Data Inference, and Fake Data Detection. I am also interested in authentication and de-authentication systems.


  • PhD Students in Brain, Mind and Computer Science
    University of Padova (Oct 2020 - on going)
    Topic: Resilient Social Network Analytics
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
    University of Padova (Oct 2017 - Apr 2020)
    Tracks: Artificial Intelligence & CyberSecurity
    110/110 with Honors
    Bestr Badge
    • Erasmus Program
      Vrije University, Amsterdam (Feb 2019 - Jun 2019)
      Studies on Machine Learning and Security
    • Research Assistant
      University of California, Irvine (July 2018 - Sep 2018)
      Supervisor: Professor Gene Tsudik
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    University of Padova (Oct 2014 - Sep 2017)
    110/110 with Honors

My Full CV (Updated Feb 2021)

Learn about My Research

Here my Research Interests

My research focuses on improving Security and Privacy in different aspects of everyday life. I often use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to accomplish this goal.

Security & Privacy in Online Social Networks

I am mainly interested in finding fake information in Social Networks, such as fake profiles or fake engagement, and preserve users' privacy.

Security & Privacy in Video Games

I focus on gamers profiling, analyzing which information gaming data can reveal, with the aim of protecting players' privacy.

Authentication & De-Authentication Systems

I am working on new methods to authenticate and de-authenticate people on computing systems. This will help users to better protect their data.

Here the list of Publications

To check my Google Scholar page follow this link.




  • 1000 e una Lode Award
    1000€ merit-based award to excellent students (around 3%) in each degree course
    2016/10/30, University of Padova

Press Articles

Here the list of Teaching Activities


  • Teacher for ITS Meccatronico Veneto, Industrial Cyber Security Specialist.
    Course: Strategie Della Sicurezza Informatica 1
  • Teaching assistant of CyberSecurity: Principles and Practice.
    Reverse Engineering, Pwning
    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, University of Padova.

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Email: tricomi@math.unipd.it

Office #731, 7th floor

Torre Archimede, via Trieste 63

35121 Padova, Italy

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