Students' Laboratories: LabTA, LabP140 e LabP036

All the laboratories LabTA (Torre Archimede) and LabP036 - LabP140 (Plesso Paolotti) are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

Computer Science labs of Department of Mathematics, usually for students subscribed on undergraduate courses in Mathematics and Computer Science, are:

  • Torre Archimede: LabTA (II floor, corner A) equipped with 67 workstations (66 + 1 workstation for the teacher);
  • Plesso Paolotti: LabP140 and LabP036 (II floor) equipped with 140 and 36 workstations;

Accounts provided for laboratories are valid even for LabTA (Torre Archimede) and for the laboratories of Plesso Paolotti. Print quota and time quota are shared for all the Department laboratories. Disk quota and home directory of LabTA (Torre Archimede) and LabP036 - LabP140 (Plesso Paolotti) accounts are different.

It is enabled file transfer between home directory of Torre Archimede and Plesso Paolotti by SSH protocol using external access servers:

  • Torre Archimede:
  • Plesso Paolotti:


Laboratory for Numerical Applications (NumLab)

Torre Archimede (IV floor, corridor AD) equipped with 8 workstations.


Laboratory for Computer Science Undergraduating Students (InfLab)

Torre Archimede (II floor, corridor CD) equipped with 10 workstations.