Università degli Studi di Padova

Seminars and Colloquia

“5th Spring Colloquium on Probability and Finance”

“Optimizing over path-length matrices of unrooted binary trees ”

“Hochschild co/homology for non-compact spaces”

“Il luogo dei fibrati in rette triviali”

“Detecting the efficient integer assignments of multiobjective mixed integer nonlinear programming problems”

“Constructing the Constructible Universe Constructively”

“A sphere rolling on a plane: a journey into nonholonomic mechanics”

“Diffusion models in Biodesign”

“Convex optimization algorithms on quantum computers”

“First Integrals and Normal Forms for Nonlinear Oscillators”

“Sound Verification and Synthesis with Logic and Data”

“Constructive uniform spaces”

“Approximation by Pseudo-Linear Neural Network Operators and Their Applications”

“Introduction to the wild Riemann-Hilbert correspondence”

“Flipclasses and combinatorial invariance for Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials”

“Hecke Algebras as Endomorphism Algebras of Parabolically Induced Representations”

“A capillarity approach for the regularity of soap films”

“P-adic numbers and characteristic p”

“A log/tropical take on Hurwitz numbers”

“A Variational Approach to Frozen Planet Orbit”

“On the stability of Möbius maps of the n-sphere”

“Modeling sparsity and mixed-binary nonconvex optimization problems”

The Shifted Boundary / Shifted Fracture Method for Computational Mechanics

Gradient-based and Gradient-free Multidisciplinary Optimization

“A Mathematical Model for Flagellar Activation Mechanisms”

“The memory of volatility

“A daily trip among Relativistic Quantum systems”

Ideals of rings of integer-valued polynomials: a topological approach

“Classical Modular Forms and the k-square problem”

“The challenge of the applicability of KAM theorem: a computer-assisted approach”

“Lyapunov exponents of linear switched systems”

“Various notions of Hodge polygon for Barsotti-Tate groups with additional ramified structure”

“The nexus complex system: water, food, energy and ecosystem interactions”

“Optimal Transport in Cosmology and the Evolution of Large-Scale Structure”

“A differential game model for sponsored content”

“Reducibility and stability for the Klein Gordon equation with a perturbation of maximal order”

“Searching for low-dimensional neural manifolds”

“Digital twins: a general overview and the application to bread baking”

“Rectifiability of stationary varifolds branching set with multiplicity at most 2”

“On pyramidal groups of prime power degree”

Seminar series “Model Categories”

“Double-negation in the Foundation of Constructive Mathematics”

“Multi-Level Multi-Objective Stochastic Methods for Learning and Optimization”

“Wasserstein Generative Models”

“Coarse correlated equilibria in mean field games”

“A mean field planning approach to regularizations of the optimal transport problem”

“On the number of lower sets with fixed cardinality”

“Curvatura e Theorema Egregium: un percorso storico intorno alle Disquisitiones Generales di Gauss”

“Groups and geometry: from algebraic varieties to Galois representations and vice versa”

“A local-global problem for divisibility in algebraic groups”

“Ensamble Optimal Control: ResNets, Diffeomorphisms Approximation and Normalizing Flows”

“Factorization of matrix-functions: Recent results and some applications”

“A 2D Bin Packing Problem in the Sheet Metal Industry: models and solution approaches”

“Curved differential graded algebras and their derived categories”

“Explicit option pricing with additive processes”

“An Introduction to Non-Connected Linear Algebraic Groups and their partition into Jordan Classes and Lusztig Strata”

“Connecting 3D and Language” + “3D Simulation for Embodied AI: emerging challenges and opportunities”

“Designing Universal Causal Deep Learning Models: The Case of Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems from Stochastic Analysis”

“Random walks in random sceneries and related models”

“Theory and Data in Model Building: from Volterra to machine learning”

“Hopf algebras and Kaplansky’s sixth conjecture”

“Workshop on Doctrines & Fibrations”

“Cutting pattern optimization in sawmill”

“Survival and complete convergence for a branching annihilating random walk”

“Mathematical modelling of axon mechanics”

“Symmetries, groups and graphs: from the origins to today’s research”

“Pubblicare ad accesso aperto in Padua Research Archive (IRIS), applicando il diritto d’autore e le licenze open”

“Restituzione risultati d’indagine: come vivono le studentesse il percorso universitario in Informatica?”

“Optimal control with a stochastic switching time: introduction and solution approaches”

“Fractional forward variance models – volatility surfaces and other features”

“Tunneling for a Semi-classical Schrödinger operator with symmetries”

“Reciprocity Laws”

“4th Spring Colloquium on Probability and Finance”

“Reverse Mathematics for the working mathematician?”

“High-dimensional random polytopes of the Beta kind”

“Rough volatility, path-dependent PDEs and weak rates of convergence”

“Ergodic Mean-Field Games with Riesz-type aggregation”

“The symplectic reduction of sub-Riemannian geodesic flow in metabelian Carnot groups”

“On the volume of (half-)tubular neighborhoods of surfaces in sub-Riemannian geometry”

“Babai’s conjecture for classical groups with generating sets containing a transvection”

“Hydrodynamic limit of simple exclusion processes on point processes with random conductances”

“Portfolio choice under taxation and time constraints”

“Iterated Wreath Products in Product Action, in search for new HJI groups”

“Micro-Macro Limit: From the Follow-the-Leader Model to the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards Model”

“On the compensator of step processes in progressively enlarged filtrations and related control problems”

“Two Dirac Days”

“A duality based DMK approach to the L1-norm and Total Variation regularization in optimization problems”

“A brief introduction to Bloch-Kato conjecture”

“Predicative theory of stably locally compact locales”

“Counting meromorphic differentials on the Riemann sphere: explicit formulas and a relation with mathematical physics”

“Solving Stochastic Control and Mean Field Games using Deep Reinforcement Learning”

“Internal Neighbourhood Spaces: Closed and closed morphisms”

“Implicative models for set theory”

“Complex Networks: a highly interdisciplinary field. Theory and Applications”

“Hydrodynamics for the partial exclusion process in random environment via stochastic duality”

“Optimal investment and fair sharing rules of the incentives for renewable energy communities”

“Binomial coefficients in modular arithmetic – A mathematical solution to musical questions”

“Singular integral operators and boundary value problems for analytic functions”

“Entropic turnpike estimates for the kinetic Schrödinger problem”

“Moving Least Square Approximation using Variably Scaled Discontinuous Weight Function”

“Gaussian Kinematic Formulas for Random Spherical Harmonics”

“Mini workshop on derived categories and mirror symmetry”

“Magnetic Curvature and Existence of Closed Magnetic Geodesic”

“Trace theorems for regular geometrical weighted trees”

“Shear flows and viscoelastic fluids”

“Mini workshop on the moduli space of curves and related structures”

“A model of optimal incentives for renewable investments”

“Mini workshop on complex and tropical geometry”

“A Path in Algebra – two days on the occasion of Alberto Tonolo’s 60th birthday”

“Interest rate market: how economic changes affect mathematical modeling”

“Ill behaved harmonic functions on a ball”

“Quantum differential equations, isomonodromic deformations, and derived categories”

“Isoparametricity and the Pompeiu property”

“Phase transition for level-set percolation of the membrane model”

“Stochastic volatility models: A Malliavin calculus approach”

“Skew braces and indecomposable solution”

“Biased elementary doctrines and generalized quotient completion”

“Factorization Spaces”

“On quiver categories associated to quadratic differentials”

“Introduction to sub-Riemannian geometry”

“Constructing a universe for the setoid model”

“Reifying Dynamical Algebra”

“How to solve your next math problem by computer. Three stories on proof-assistants”

“Power laws in market microstructure”

“Counting meromorphic differentials with zero residues on the Riemann sphere and the KP hierarchy”

“Bicategories in univalent foundations”

“A neural network approach for the estimation of mortgage prepayment rates”

“Social media analysis and detection of online financial disinformation”

“On the Excursion Area of Time Dependent Spherical Random Fields”

“The Quarks of Attention”

“Chaotic dynamical systems and applications to the solar system dynamics”

“Lo sviluppo storico della Meccanica Celeste ed il suo ruolo nelle scienze fisiche”

“Dynamics and Neural Collapse in Deep Classifiers trained with the Square Loss”

On profinite groups with restricted centralizers of $\pi$-elements

Structure of Vertex Neighbourhoods of Solubility Graphs

“Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser (KAM) stability and its application in the planetary n-body problem”

Finsler-Rellich inequalities involving the distance to the boundary

3rd Spring Colloquium on Probability and Finance

Geometrical degrees of freedom for Whitney elements

“Set-theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation and related associative structure”

“An Efficient Authentication Scheme over Blockchain for Fog Computing-enabled Internet of Vehicles”

“The Graph p-Laplacian Eigenvalue Problem”

“The magnetic properties of fractal structures”

“Pointwise convergence problems in analysis and ergodic theory”

“Security Threats and Authentication for IoV: A Brief Overview”

“Strong Sard Conjecture in three dimensional analytic manifolds”

“Completeness: Turing, Schütte, Feferman (and Löb)”

“Phase transitions and large deviations for the Boolean model of continuum percolation for Cox point processes”

“Primi elementi di calcolo funzionale per funzioni slice-regolari di variabile quaternionica”

“Open Problems in the DAEDALUS-CAM, An Immersive Stereocamera for Lunar Caves Exploration”

“Optimal control problems: existence of minimizers, necessary conditions, and gap phenomena”

“Signature processes in mathematical finance, an introduction”

“Models for liquid crystals on surfaces”

“Multifractal approach to fully developed turbulence”

“Beyond Nash Equilibria in Mean Field Games”

“Coomologia g-orbifold e risoluzioni crepanti”

“Modular curves and Heegner points”

“Poisson hyperplanes in hyperbolic space”

“A Well-Posed Surface Integral Equation for the Maxwell Dielectric Problem”

“Quantum tau functions and a Chiodo class”

“Optimizing smooth objectives on convex sets without projections”

“Trimming Data Sets: a Verified Algorithm for Robust Mean Estimation”

“Optimal management of pumped hydroelectric production with state constrained optimal control”

“The critical node/edge detection problem on trees”

“Mathematical Finance: a Tale of Stochastic Processes”

“Planar aggregation with subcritical fluctuations and the Hastings-Levitov models”

“Embeddings of spaces with multiweighted derivatives and their applications”

“Chebyshev Greeks: Smoothing Gamma without Bias”

“Frobenius manifolds, moduli spaces of curves, and enumerative geometry: the topological recursion”

“The Modularity Theorem and Fermat’s Last Theorem”

“Kinetically constrained models out of equilibrium”

“On semi-classical spectral series for an atom in a periodic circularly polarized electric field”

“Local central limit theorem and potential kernel estimates for a class of symmetric heavy-tailed random variables”

“Multidimensional singular control and related Skorokhod problem: sufficient conditions for the characterization of optimal controls”

“The social dilemma of stubborness vs. herding in social decisions: a mean field (game) model”

“Stability and asymptotic properties of a linearized hydrodynamic medium model for dispersive media in nanophotonics”

“Synchronization and asymptotic dynamics of mechanical systems: an introduction”

“Nonzero-sum stochastic Impulse Games with an application in competitive retail energy markets”

“The complex eikonal equation in 2D”

“Reducing infinitary induction-induction”

“Normalization for Cubical Type Theory ”

“Electromagnetism in seismology”

“An introduction to singular control problems through an electricity market model”

“Graded Doctrines and Linear Equality”

“Perturbations near the vertex of a plane sector and a 3D cone”

“An introduction to the Hybrid High-Order method with application to nonlinear problems”

“An inverse problem in electromagnetism with partial data”

“Condensation of SIP particles and sticky Brownian motion”

“An intuitive introduction to p-adic geometry”

“The double-double ramification cycle”

“The symmetric inclusion process: some properties and scaling limit”

“Radiation condition and instability phenomenon at a corner interface between a dielectric and a negative material”

“On the simulation of planar homogeneous flows”

“Phase transitions in sparse random graphs and coagulation processes”

“Time-harmonic electromagnetic waves in anisotropic media: theoretical and numerical analysis”

“Optimal stopping theory and American options”

“The Electromagnetic Transmission Eigenvalue Problem”

“A differential eigenproblem of electromagnetics”

“Node immunization in networks: a scalable searching algorithm based on random rooted forests”

“Limit theorems for Lévy flights on a 1D Lévy random medium”

“Scale-free percolation in continuous space”

“An introduction to the moduli space of smooth curves and its compactification”

The Domain Derivative for Time Harmonic Electromagnetic Scattering Problems

“La matematica che ci salva”

“Information Technology Risks”

“Metastability for an SPDE via functional inequalities”

“Regularity theory for Maxwell’s equations”

“Detecting anomalies in complex networks”

“Weak KAM, Homogenization and Ergodic Control: an introduction”

“Questioni di generazione ed enumerazione in gruppi finiti e gruppi di permutazione”

“Cybersecurity: the role of the Italian national Postal and Communications Police against cybercrime”

“Falde birazionali e teoria delle deformazioni per alcune varietà di Poisson”

“FA-TOOLBOX: solving PDEs with Hilbert Complexes”

“Mathematical modeling in Finance”

Power grids as stochastic networks: emergent failures and mitigation strategies

“Steklov eigenvalues for Maxwell’s equations”

“Homological algebra: deforming abelian groups using torsion pairs”

“Critical and near-critical scaling limits for the planar Ising model”

Opening Day of the Doctoral School and “Mathematical modeling in primary school: an example of research in Math Education”

“The consistency of intensional Martin-Löf type theory with formal Church’s thesis, a game-semantic approach”

“The Widom-Rowlinson model: metastability, mesoscopic and microscopic fluctuations for the critical droplet ”

“Differential Game Models of Optimal Debt Management”

“Regularisation by noise and notions of irregularity”

“On the mystery of generic object”

“Boundary stickiness of nonlocal minimal surfaces”

“Lagrangian and conservative solutions of the 2D Euler equations”

“Entropic repulsion for the occupation-time field of random interlacements by disconnection”

“Shape optimization applied to Eulimnadiae eggs”

“Efficient representation of supply and demand curves on day-ahead electricity markets”

“A new Universality Class in (1+1)-dimensions: the Brownian Castle”

“Scattering and Metric Lines”

“Origin-to-destination network flow with path preferences and velocity controls: a mean field game-like approach”

“Soil searching by an artificial root”

“Metastability for the randomly dilute Curie-Weiss model with Glauber dynamics”

“On the structure of weak solutions to Burgers equation”

“Computational problems in mathematical physical modelling with DLTI systems”

“Maximal regularity for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations”

“Permutation group theory”

“An energy functional for $L^1$-optimal transport”

“$\Gamma$-convergence and homogenisation for a class of degenerate functionals”

“Homogenization for nonlocal Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations”

“Regularity, existence and multiplicity results for the fractional p-Laplacian”

“An energy functional for $L^1$-optimal transport”

“Understanding the most likely evolution of interacting particle systems”

“Quadratic Hedging and Optimization of Option Exercise Policies in Incomplete Markets and Discrete Time”

“On the orthotropic Laplacian”

“Examples of compacts on algebraic sets with/without Markov’s inequality”

“Turbulence, shell models and critical exponents for dissipation”

“A stationary solution for turbulence shell models”

“230V/50Hz – Attacking the European power grid for fun and profit”

“Nilpotent varieties: properties of the most classical cases”

“Scacchiere egualitarie e matrici di Hadamard”

“On sets of functions with variation diminishing property”

“A random journey among stochastic processes”

“A Lanczos-like method for the time-ordered exponential”

“Computing with private data – Data Processing in the Encrypted Domain”

“Algebraic Analysis and Geometry”

“Lessons from Archives: Strategies for Collecting Sociocultural Data in Machine Learning”

“Dynamical fitness models: evidence of universality classes for preferential attachment”

“Joyal-Tierney and constructive model theory”

“Ramified local set theories, hyperdoctrines and triposes”

“Gradient of the single layer potential and rectifiability”

“Nonlinear models in Quantum Mechanics”

“Differentiation theorems for bases of rectangles”

“Meglio un uovo oggi o una gallina domani? (Breve introduzione alla Revenue Management)”

“Stable hypersurfaces in the complex projective space”

“Large deviations for weakly coupled slow-fast systems via the comparison principle of an associated Hamilton-Jacobi equation”

“Membrane shapes that minimize the multiphase Canham-Helfrich energy”

“Lower Bounds for Maximal Matchings and Maximal Independent Sets”

Seminari MALGA Padova Verona – Moduli Algebre Anelli

“N-body and N-vortex dynamics on surfaces: Hodge decomposition theorem, central forces and stability of relative equilibria”

“Probabilistic recursive neural networks for density estimation over generalized random graphs”

“An introduction to sheets of conjugacy classes in reductive groups”

“A rectifiability result for sets of finite perimeter in Carnot groups”

“Resolvent estimates inside the numerical range of non-self-adjoint operators and applications”

“Origami Geometrico”

“Some regularity results for minimizers in dynamic optimization”

“A distributional approach to fractional Sobolev spaces and fractional variation: asymptotic analysis”

“A smooth introduction to the semi-classical problem in Quantum Mechanics”

“Global observables and infinite mixing”

“Minimal bubble clusters in the plane with double density”

Seminari MALGA Padova Verona – Moduli Algebre Anelli

“Abel-Jacobi maps and double ramification cycles”

“On the micro-to-macro limit for 1D conservation laws”

“The Schrödinger equation in dimension two with a pointwise nonlinearity: a puzzling model”

“Geometry of 1-codimensional measures in the Heisenberg groups”

“A Subsampling Line-Search Method with Second-Order Results”

“Potential Theory and Boundary Element Method for the Laplace equation. An introduction”

“Metamaterial design: a challenge in mathematical physics and engineering sciences”

“Minimal approximations and 1-tilting cotorsion pairs over commutative rings” + “Gluing silting objects along recollements of well generated triangulated categories”

“Some results on the flow of vector fields of BV class”

“Internal Neighbourhood Spaces”

“Linear Programming Approach to Long Run Average Optimal Control: The Non-Ergodic Case”

“Biharmonic eigenvalues on annuli and rectangles”

“Selection by vanishing common noise for potential finite state mean field games”

“On the geometry of soap films and soap bubbles”

“The Kleene tree and the construction of a computable function on the square with no computable fixed point (in practice)”

“On fractional Sobolev, Isoperimetric and Poincaré inequalities”

“Notions of recurrence and transitivity for discrete dynamical systems”

“Scalar conservation laws with flux discontinuous in the conserved quantity: front-tracking and Hamilton-Jacobi approach”

“On the strong minimum in optimal control, a view from variational analysis”

“An overview on non-unique factorizations”

“Graph Theory and the Transfinite”

“Le ragioni per cui i Social Networks ci rendono vulnerabili alla disinformazione”

“Global Analysis of Locally Symmetric Spaces with Indefinite metric”

“Simmetria speculare e automorfismi”

“CSI NN: Reverse Engineering of Neural Network Architectures Through Electromagnetic Side Channel”

“Algorithms for processing manifold-valued data and applications”

“Fund models, CAPM, and attempting to approximate growth optimality”

“Including topographic effects in shallow water modeling”

“Manifolds with two projective bundles structures”

“Half day in stochastic processes and mathematical finance” and the discussion of a PhD thesis