Università degli Studi di Padova

“On fractional Sobolev, Isoperimetric and Poincaré inequalities”

Martedì 22 Ottobre 2019, ore 12:30 - Aula seminari 430 - Gyula Csato (Universitat de Barcelona UB, Spagna)


My aim is to give a motivation for fractional Sobolev spaces and a comprehensive overview on fractional Sobolev, Isoperimetric and Poincare’ Inequalities. I will explain some analogies and differences with the corresponding local inequalities, symmetrization techniques, best constant problems, and other current challenges. This talk is inspired by (but is not much about) two recent papers, one on regional fractional Poincaé inequality on unbounded domains (work in collaboration with Chowdhury I., Firoz S. and Roy P.) and another one on the fractional isoperimetric inequality on manfiolds (work in collaboration with X. Cabré and M. Cozzi).