Università degli Studi di Padova

“The symmetric inclusion process: some properties and scaling limit”

Venerdì 16 Aprile 2021, ore 12:00 - Zoom - Chiara Franceschini (IST Lisbona)


The symmetric inclusion process (SIP) is an interacting particle system discovered as the dual process of a Markov diffusion that conserves the total energy, it can be tough as the inclusion counterpart of the well-known exclusion process. In this talk, I will present the model with an open boundary, i.e. with two reservoirs which create a flux of particles in the bulk putting the model in a non-equilibrium setting. We will see that via the duality property, we can characterize some correlations of its stationary measure in non-equilibrium and we will also see what are, in this open setting, the so-called hydrodynamic and hydrostatic limit.

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