Università degli Studi di Padova

“Computational problems in mathematical physical modelling with DLTI systems”

Wednesday 20 May 2020, 14:30 - Zoom - Marta Gatto (Padova, Dipartimento di Matematica “Tullio Levi-Civita”)


Mathematical physical models are often used for the description of physical phenomena and are essential in industrial applications for various aims, such as control and estimation of unmeasurable variables and physical parameters.

In this talk, some numerical methods at the basis of experimental modelling, i.e. modelling through experimental data, will be described for different kind of model classes, in particular for DLTI (Dynamic Linear Time Invariant) systems. The reasons for their importance will be explained and the computational problems of parameter estimation and data denoising subject to the DLTI model constraint will be introduced with examples.

Zoom link: https://unipd.zoom.us/s/99798541621